Terror Dragon ((きょう)(おう)(りゅう) Kyō'ōryū, "Fear King Dragon") is an archetype of Dragon-Type monsters created by Taylor Gorrell. Visually, all Terror Dragons are representations of various fears in a dragonic body, incorporating the element of fear into their effects.

Play Style

Similar to Ghostricks, Terror Dragons benefit from their own cards being face-down on the field. Most members have lower ATK than DEF, making placing them face-down a good tactic, and a good number of them also benefit from being removed from the field while face-down, keeping your opponent on edge when it comes to actually getting rid of your defenses. For those cards that are face-up, they tend to scare your opponent's monsters into backing down from their moves; stopping attacks, changing effect targets, etc.


  • Despite being Dragon-Types, Terror Dragons look more like dinosaurs than any actual description of dragons. This was intentional on Taylor Gorrell's part: "Dinosaur" in Japanese is written as "Fear Dragon" ((きょう)(りゅう) Kyōryū), and several Dinosaur-Type monsters resemble dragons or have dragonic abilities, so Taylor chose to reverse this usual association by having the Dragon-Type Terror Dragons resemble dinosaurs.
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