This is my "Attribute Heroes" Deck, a deck that i created when i was a bit younger and watched a lot of GX, wich means the inspiration for these cards are the unmistakable "Elemental Heroes" used by "Jaden Yuki". However, these cards are quite different from those cards.

Each Attribute Hero has a different effect from eachother, and when combined their effects "goes wild on eachother", in a matter of speaking. THis might seem unoriginal to some, but at least i like it and came up with it for these cards, so for my point of view it's quite original. Their individual effects are also based from wich effects are common with that attirbute.

THis deck consists mostly of monsters, there aren't many spell and trap cards but there are plenty already excisiting that if added to this deck would increase playability and help reduce this decks downsides. This deck also contains the "spearhead" "Attribute Hero" monster: Element-Armored Dragon and my next deck will contain it's dark side, Dark-Element Dragon.

Attribute Heroes
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Category
AH - AHC01 Attribute Kid - Widya Effect Monster
AH - AHC02 Attribute Kid - Darya Effect Monster
AH - AHC03 Attribute Kid - Ligya Effect Monster
AH - AHC04 Attribute Kid - Watya Effect Monster
AH - AHC05 Attribute Kid - Firya Effect Monster
AH - AHC06 Attribute Kid - Erya Effect Monster
AH - AHC07 Rise of a Hero Spell Card
AH - AHC08 Attribute Defense Trap Card
AH - AHC09 Attribute Hero - Windaya Effect Monster
AH - AHC10 Attribute Hero - Darkaya Effect Monster
AH - AHC11 Attribute Hero - Ligatha Effect Monster
AH - AHC12 Attribute Hero - Wateria Effect Monster
AH - AHC13 Attribute Hero - Firega Effect Monster
AH - AHC14 Attribute Hero - Eartaya Effect Monster
AH - AHC15 Elemental Absorber Trap Card
AH - AHC16 Attribute Haven Field Spell Card
AH - AHC17 De-Synchro X2 Spell Card
AH - AHC18 Negate Attack Trap Card
AH - AHC19 Draining Shield Trap Card
AH - AHC20 Elemental Burst Trap Card
AH - AHC21 Urgent Tuning Trap Card
AH - AHC22 Attribute Defender Trap Card
AH - AHC23 Attribute Faker Effect Monster
AH - AHC24 Attribute Hero - BlaizeWind Synchro Monster
AH - AHC25 Hyper Wind Storm Spell Card
AH - AHC26 Dark Burning Spear Spell Card
AH - AHC27 Lightning Storm Trap Card
AH - AHC28 Tsunami Wave Spell Card
AH - AHC29 Blaizing Fire Blast Trap Card
AH - AHC30 Ground Eruption Trap Card
AH - AHC31 Attribute Combinder Tuner Monster
AH - AHC32 Attribute Hero - GrayStar Synchro Monster
AH - AHC33 Attribute Hero - MudMaster Synchro Monster
AH - AHC34 Attribute Hero - BrightFire Synchro Monster
AH - AHC35 Attribute Hero - Maelstorm Synchro Monster
AH - AHC36 Final Stand - Team Effort Spell Card
AH - AHC37 Attribute Hero - Magma Burner Synchro Monster
AH - AHC38 Unyielding Battle Spirit Trap Card
AH - AHC39 Attribute Hero - Solarius Synchro Monster
AH - AHC40 Attribute Corrupter Dark Tuner Monster
AH - AHC41 Black Attribute Hero - Black Fire Effect Monster
AH - AHC42 Black Attribute Hero - Corrupted Earth Effect Monster
AH - AHC43 Black Attribute Hero - Dark Cloud Hurricane Effect Monster
AH - AHC44 Black Attribute Hero - Dark Water Effect Monster
AH - AHC45 Burning Corruption Spear Spell Card
AH - AHC46 Corruption from the Grave Spell Card
AH - AHC47 Black Attribute Villain - Archfiend Hunter Dark Synchro Monster
AH - AHC48 Black Attribute Villain - Dark Mage Dark Synchro Monster
AH - AHC49 Black Attribute Villain - Demon Knight Dark Synchro Monster
AH - AHC50 Black Attribute Villain - Death Lord Dark Synchro Monster
AH - AHC51 Horror Disciple Effect Monster
AH - AHC52 Conversion to Black Trap Card
AH - AHC53 Element Armor Spell Card
AH - AHC54 Element Charge Spell Card
AH - AHC55 Element-Armored Dragon Effect Monster
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