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This set is created by Bijak riyandi
This set introduces the archetypes "Roboliens", "Veenes", and "Menhirs".

This set also includes Ghost Rare TCG reprints of Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning and Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End. It includes support cards for the archetypes "Gladiator Beast", "Infestation", "Steelswarm", and "Chaos".

Each pack contains 5 cards and each box contains 24 packs. There are 60 cards in total with the number of cards of each rarity are as follows:
2 Ghost Rare (GR)
5 Secret Rare (ScR)
7 Ultimate Rare or Ultra Rare (UtR/UR)
11 Super Rare (SR)
12 Rare (R), and
23 Common


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The Chaos Expands
(FTCG - English)
Booster Pack
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
CHEX-EN000 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning Ghost Rare Effect Monster
CHEX-EN001 Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End Ghost Rare Effect Monster
CHEX-EN002 Robolien - GG2BD Common Effect Monster
CHEX-EN003 Robolien - ZE3BA Common Effect Monster
CHEX-EN004 Robolien - UT4DR Rare Effect Monster
CHEX-EN005 Robolien - AD5SL Common Effect Monster
CHEX-EN006 Robolien - PB6SB Rare Effect Monster
CHEX-EN007 Robolien - BE7BS Super Rare Effect Monster
CHEX-EN008 Viper, Veene Summoner Super Rare Effect Monster
CHEX-EN009 Phyton, Veene Silent Killer Common Effect Monster
CHEX-EN010 Krait, Veene Speeder Common Effect Monster
CHEX-EN011 Anaconda, Veene Hidden Guru Super Rare Effect Monster
CHEX-EN012 Constrictor, Veene Trapper Common Effect Monster
CHEX-EN013 Boomslang, Veene Phantom Rare Effect Monster
CHEX-EN014 Rattle, Veene Destroyer Common Effect Monster
CHEX-EN015 Mamba, Veene Paralyzer Rare Effect Monster
CHEX-EN016 Cobra, Veene Manipulator Ultimate Rare / Ultra Rare Effect Monster
CHEX-EN017 Chaos Sorcerer Secret Rare Effect Monster
CHEX-EN018 Menhir of Doom - Ganghwa Common Effect Monster
CHEX-EN019 Menhir of Magic - Er Grah Super Rare Effect Monster
CHEX-EN020 Menhir of Memory - Punden Common Effect Monster
CHEX-EN021 Menhir of Beauty - Gomateshvara Ultimate Rare / Ultra Rare Effect Monster
CHEX-EN022 Menhir of Fiend - Colossi Memnon Common Effect Monster
CHEX-EN023 Menhir of Mystery - Trilithon Common Effect Monster
CHEX-EN024 Menhir of Curse - Ramesseum Rare Effect Monster
CHEX-EN025 Menhir of Ritual - Thunderstone Super Rare Effect Monster
CHEX-EN026 Menhir of Power - Stonehenge Ultimate Rare / Ultra Rare Effect Monster
CHEX-EN027 Steelswarm Belzebug Super Rare Effect Monster
CHEX-EN028 Lightpulsar Dragon Secret Rare Effect Monster
CHEX-EN029 Darkflare Dragon Secret Rare Effect Monster
CHEX-EN030 Light and Darkness Dragon Rare Effect Monster
CHEX-EN031 Sphere of Chaos Common Effect Monster
CHEX-EN032 Eclipse Wyvern Common Effect Monster
CHEX-EN033 Sky Scourge Enrise Common Effect Monster
CHEX-EN034 Sky Scourge Norleras Common Effect Monster
CHEX-EN035 Sky Scourge Invicil Common Effect Monster
CHEX-EN036 Number 2: Medusa, Veene Magician Rare Effect Xyz
CHEX-EN037 Number 21: Basilisk, Veene Barrier Rare Effect Xyz
CHEX-EN038 Number 49: Naga, Veene Stronghold Ultimate Rare / Ultra Rare Effect Xyz
CHEX-EN039 Number 87: Cobra King, the Ultimate Veene Secret Rare Effect Xyz
CHEX-EN040 Gladiator Beast Phalanx Rare Effect Xyz
CHEX-EN041 Regulus, Master of Gladiator Beast Ultimate Rare / Ultra Rare Effect Xyz
CHEX-EN042 Nero, Lord of Gladiator Beast Secret Rare Effect Xyz
CHEX-EN043 Chaos Goddess Common Effect Synchro
CHEX-EN044 Robolien Subduction Ultimate Rare / Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell
CHEX-EN045 Veene Pithole Common Field Spell
CHEX-EN046 Detoxification Common Quick-Play Spell
CHEX-EN047 Deadly Snake Bite Rare Quick-Play Spell
CHEX-EN048 Snake Lord's Fangs Common Equip Spell
CHEX-EN049 Rage of Snake Lord Super Rare Continuous Spell
CHEX-EN050 Historical Excavation Common Normal Spell
CHEX-EN051 The Sacred Menhir Ultimate Rare / Ultra Rare Field Spell
CHEX-EN052 Infestation Contamination Super Rare Field Spell
CHEX-EN053 Infestation Seed Super Rare Normal Spell
CHEX-EN054 Etrusca, City of the Gladiator Beasts Rare Field Spell
CHEX-EN055 Primal Seed Common Normal Spell
CHEX-EN056 Last Bite Common Normal Trap
CHEX-EN057 Snake Lord's Reincarnation Super Rare Normal Trap
CHEX-EN058 Menhir Blast Common Counter Trap
CHEX-EN059 Ancient Relic Restoration Rare Counter Trap