Battle of Summons is a Booster Pack. It is the 3nd one in XBrain130's series (7th set overall), following Battle of Summons and followed by Link to Revolution.



There are 80 cards. This comprises:

  • 6 Ultra Rares
  • 10 Super Rares
  • 18 Rares
  • 46 Commons


Set no. English name Rarity Category
TESA-EN001 Songflower Magician Effect Pendulum Monster
TESA-EN002 Moonlight Magician Effect Pendulum Monster
TESA-EN003 Coldwind Magician Effect Tuner Pendulum Monster
TESA-EN004 Skybird Magician Effect Pendulum Monster
TESA-EN005 The Phantom Knights of Torn Whip Effect Pendulum Monster
TESA-EN006 The Phantom Knights of Dented Mace Effect Pendulum Monster
TESA-EN007 Windwitch - Weld Bell Effect Tuner monster
TESA-EN008 Windwitch - South Aurora Bell Effect Tuner Pendulum Monster
TESA-EN009 Windwitch - North Aurora Bell Effect Pendulum Monster
TESA-EN010 Lyrilusc - Moon Lyre Effect Monster
TESA-EN011 Lyrilusc - Sodalite Shrike Effect Monster
TESA-EN012 Lyrilusc - Lapis Crow Effect Pendulum Monster
TESA-EN013 Lyrilusc - Lazuli Raven Effect Pendulum Monster
TESA-EN014 Cyber Bars Effect Monster
TESA-EN015 Raidraptor - Scouter Lanius Effect Monster
TESA-EN016 Supreme King Dragon Darkwyv Effect Tuner Pendulum Monster
TESA-EN017 Performapal Act Hero Effect Pendulum Monster
TESA-EN018 Performapal Magegirl Effect Pendulum Monster
TESA-EN019 Performapal Guidexie Effect Tuner Pendulum Monster
TESA-EN020 Performapal Old Mentor Effect Pendulum Monster
TESA-EN021 Performapal Dracorival Effect Pendulum Monster
TESA-EN022 Performapal Weakmook Effect Pendulum Monster
TESA-EN023 Performapal Evilord Effect Pendulum Monster
TESA-EN024 Space Dragonraider Effect Monster
TESA-EN025 Space Starship M2 - OTAS Boreas Effect Monster
TESA-EN026 Space Starship M2 - Terran Osaka Effect Monster
TESA-EN027 Space Starship M7 - OTAS Sirokos Effect Monster
TESA-EN028 Space Starship M6 - Paranid Hyperion Effect Monster
TESA-EN029 Space Starship M5 - Teladi Kestrel Effect Monster
TESA-EN030 Qliphort Directory Effect Pendulum Monster
TESA-EN031 Qliphort Address Effect Pendulum Monster
TESA-EN032 Cyber Angel Varuna Effect Ritual Monster
TESA-EN033 Cyber Angel Kali Effect Ritual Monster
TESA-EN034 Starving Venom Clear Dragon Effect Fusion Monster
TESA-EN035 Starving Venom Rebellion Dragon Effect Fusion Monster
TESA-EN036 Cyber Kicker Effect Fusion Monster
TESA-EN037 Performapal Dual Master Effect Fusion Monster
TESA-EN038 Performapal Elitepawn Effect Fusion Monster
TESA-EN039 Infernoid Andras Effect Fusion Monster
TESA-EN040 Infernoid Gynaika Effect Fusion Monster
TESA-EN041 Skatac Triplet the Creator Cubic Prime Effect Fusion Monster
TESA-EN042 Odd-Eyes Shooting Pendulum Dragon Effect Synchro Pendulum Monster
TESA-EN043 Clear Wing Rebellion Dragon Effect Synchro Monster
TESA-EN044 Performapal Ascend Paladin Effect Synchro Monster
TESA-EN045 Performapal Dragonfiltrate Effect Synchro Monster
TESA-EN046 Graydle Hydra Effect Synchro Monster
TESA-EN047 Graydle Cluster Effect Synchro Monster
TESA-EN048 Lyrilusc - Air Force Nightingale Effect Xyz Monster
TESA-EN049 Raidraptor - Turbine Mower Falcon Effect Xyz Monster
TESA-EN050 Performapal Corrupt Slayer Effect Xyz Monster
TESA-EN051 Performapal Shieldefender Effect Xyz Monster
TESA-EN052 Number C98: Antitopian Loss Effect Xyz Monster
TESA-EN053 Rank-Up-Magic Pendulum Change Normal Spell Card
TESA-EN054 Xyz Tuning Normal Spell Card
TESA-EN055 Supreme Bracelet Fusion Normal Spell Card
TESA-EN056 Lyrilusc - Bird Nest Continuous Spell Card
TESA-EN057 Performapal Fusion Normal Spell Card
TESA-EN058 Card of Perception Normal Spell Card
TESA-EN059 Dino Ambush Normal Spell Card
TESA-EN060 Dino Revival Normal Spell Card
TESA-EN061 Dangerous Puppet Factory Field Spell Card
TESA-EN062 Double Solar Inferno Blast Quick-Play Spell Card
TESA-EN063 Military Starship Sector - M148 Field Spell Card
TESA-EN064 Operation Starship's Fury Normal Spell Card
TESA-EN065 Kha'ak Starship Hive Field Spell Card
TESA-EN066 Starship's Broadside Normal Spell Card
TESA-EN067 Cubic World Field Spell Card
TESA-EN068 Dimension Pendulum Normal Spell Card
TESA-EN069 Dimension Evolution Normal Spell Card
TESA-EN070 Thunderforce Attack Normal Spell Card
TESA-EN071 Crescendo Normal Trap Card
TESA-EN072 Lyrilusc - Bird Growth Normal Trap Card
TESA-EN073 Raidraptor - Ascension Continuous Trap Card
TESA-EN074 Dimension Rend Stream Normal Trap Card
TESA-EN075 Performapal Heroic Sacrifice Normal Trap Card
TESA-EN076 Opportunism Normal Trap Card
TESA-EN077 Synchro Reincarnation Normal Trap Card
TESA-EN078 M-AM Annihilation Normal Trap Card
TESA-EN079 Avenging Paradise Normal Trap Card
TESA-EN080 Light Catastrophe Continuous Trap Card
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