The Freud's Garden
Creator YataMaki
Card type Spell Card Spell
Property Field Field
All "Freud's Garden" monsters increase their ATK and DEF in 300. Both players can Summon or Set monsters in their respective Spell & Trap card Zone and set or activate Spells and Trap Cards in their respective Monster Cards Zone. If 1 or more "Herbal Tokens" you control would be destroyed by an opponent's card effect, your opponent must pay 500 LP by each "Herbal Token" that would be destroyed. If he/she doesn't, that card´s effect is negated and that card is destroyed.
Description A garden filled of Hippies and many beasts with some talking plants...
Sets Return to the Dark Age (RTDA-EN043)

Freud's Garden Cards

Freud's Garden Processor - Freud's Garden Consumer - Freud's Garden Shaman - Freud's Garden Infiltrate

Freud's Garden Tourist - Freud's Garden Farmer - Freud's Garden Aggresor - Freud's Garden Distributor

Freud's Garden Great Cape

Support Cards

The Freud's Garden - After the Rave - Psychodelic Blooming - The First Dose

Negative of the Cape - Overdose - Escape from Capture - Share the Blow

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