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The Future of the Dawn

This booster pack shows more power coming from Zombie-types cards.


8 Secret Rares

7 Ultimate Rares

9 Ultra Rares

11 Super Rares

15 Rares

23 Common

The Future of the Dawn
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
ENFD-000 Phoenix Paladin Blader Secret Rare Fusion Monster
ENFD-001 Plaguespreader's Appertince Ultra Rare Effect Monster
ENFD-002 Majestic Warrior Ultra Rare Effect Monster
ENFD-003 Plague Slasher Common Effect Monster
ENFD-004 Elemental HERO The ? Rare Effect Monster
ENFD-005 Zombie Armed Dragon Super Rare Effect Monster
ENFD-006 Buster Blader Tuner Super Rare Normal Monster
ENFD-007 Phoenix Shielder Rare Effect Monster
ENFD-008 Flare HERO Solar Cone Common Effect Monster
ENFD-009 Flare HERO Wired Cat Common Effect Monster
ENFD-010 Flare HERO Swinging Chimp Common Effect Monster
ENFD-011 Flare HERO Lovely Rose Rare Effect Monster
ENFD-012 Flare HERO Knight Common Normal Monster
ENFD-013 Flare HERO Light Princess Ultra Rare Effect Monster
ENFD-014 Flare HERO the Vine Plant Common Effect Monster
ENFD-015 Flare HERO Happy Dolphin Common Effect Monster
ENFD-016 Kofous, Lightsworn Tenor Rare Effect Monster
ENFD-017 Komous, Lightsworn Baritone Common Effect Monster
ENFD-018 Rainbow Zombie Dragon Super Rare Effect Monster
ENFD-019 Buster Blader's Cope Rare Effect Monster
ENFD-020 Black Butterfly Common Normal Monster
ENFD-021 Black Grasper Common Effect Monster
ENFD-022 Flare HERO the Fairy of Hope Rare Effect Monster
ENFD-023 Flare HERO Warbeast of Sun Relam Common Effect Monster
ENFD-024 Zombie Dark Magician Ultra Rare Normal Monster
ENFD-025 Zombie Magician Girl Super Rare Effect Monster
ENFD-026 K-2 Level Eater Common Effect Monster
ENFD-027 Batteryman ZZZ Common Effect Monster
ENFD-028 Flare HERO Tropospheric Lord Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
ENFD-028 Blackwing - Road Catcher of Silver Rare Effect Monster
ENFD-029 Malefic Gaia Plate the Earth Giant Secret Rare Effect Monster
ENFD-030 Malefic Tyrant Neptune Super Rare Effect Monster
ENFD-031 Malefic Nine-Tailed Fox Rare Effect Monster
ENFD-032 Mo Kone the Zombie Master of Light Super Rare Fusion Monster
ENFD-033 The Master Dead Light Common Ritual Monster
ENFD-034 Light Synchron Common Effect Monster
ENFD-035 King of Butterflies Rare Effect Monster
ENFD-036 Papillon Synchron Common Effect Monster
ENFD-037 Seed Papillon Common Effect Monster
ENFD-038 Flare HERO The Dragon of Light and Flames Super Rare Fusion Monster
ENFD-039 Dragon Butterfly Super Rare Synchro Monster
ENFD-040 Flare HERO Knight of Endless Light Super Rare Fusion Monster
ENFD-041 Flare HERO Warrior Tune to Light Ultra Rare Synchro Monster
ENFD-042 Flare HERO Honest Light Rare Fusion Monster
ENFD-043 Blackwing - Mococa of the 7 stars Ultra Rare Synchro Monster
ENFD-044 Blackwing - Silver Wind of the Road Ultimate Rare Synchro Monster
ENFD-045 Synchronization of Heaven Ultra Rare Normal Spell
ENFD-046 Miracle Synchronization of Heaven Ultimate Rare Normal Spell
ENFD-047 Sun Realm Super Rare Field Spell
ENFD-048 Sun Blade Common Normal Spell
ENFD-049 Flare Storm Ultra Rare Continuous Spell
ENFD-050 Flare Blitz Common Quick-Play Spell
ENFD-051 Plague Assault Ultimate Rare Continuous Spell
ENFD-052 Flare Overload Common Quick-Play Spell
ENFD-053 Blackwing Calling Rare Normal Spell
ENFD-054 Buster Call Rare Normal Spell
ENFD-055 Flare Fusion Super Rare Normal Spell
ENFD-056 Flare Signal Rare Normal Trap
ENFD-057 Flare Shine Ultimate Rare Normal Trap
ENFD-058 Flare Shine Ultimate Rare Normal Trap
ENFD-059 Malefic Draw Ultra Rare Normal Spell
ENFD-060 Malefic Tune Rare Normal Spell
ENFD-061 Destiny Star Ultimate Rare Normal Trap
ENFD-062 Malefic Removal Common Normal Trap
ENFD-063 Malefic Blast Common Normal Trap
ENFD-064 Ojama Pride Rare Normal Trap
ENFD-065 Malefic Tome Secert Rare Normal Trap
ENFD-066 Blackwing - Break to Day Commom Synchro Monster
ENFD-067 Destiny Miracle Promise Secert Rare Continuous Trap
ENFD-068 1-on-1 Battle Tag Super Rare Continuous Spell
ENFD-069 Majestic Winged Dragon Secret Rare Synchro Monster
ENFD-070 Malefic Yubel Secret Rare Effect Monster
ENFD-071 Malefic Obelisk the Tormentor Secret Rare Divine-Beast Monster
ENFD-072 Red-Eyes B. Wiseman GX Special Secret Rare Effect Monster
ENFD-073 Blackwing - Cosmic Bird Secret Rare Winged-Beast Monster