The White King (ザ・ホワイト・キング Za Howaito Kingu) is a powerful and enigmatic Duelist, as well as one of the major supporting characters in Saiba Aisu's Writing Project, "Yu-Gi-Oh!: End Game". For the moment, his true origins and motivations, as well as the limit of his powers, remain shrouded in mystery.

Character Design

The White King is noted for his striking appearance, featuring a winged crown-like mask that conceals his upper face, feathered shoulder pads, and black boots and armguards, worn in tandem with a flowing white coat. He has a sturdy, powerful build and is described as exceedingly pale. His Duel Disk is predominantly white and blue with exquisite inlaid silver motifs.

Character Biography

To be added soon.


The White King plays an Ice Deck which focuses on placing Ice Counters on the field, predominantly composed of WATER Spellcaster-Type monsters. By removing these Ice Counters, he gains access to a wide variety of tactics, primarily focusing on negating the opponent's card effects, limiting their Special Summons, and destroying their monsters. His signature monster, "Frost Blight Dragon", is also capable of increasing its ATK to massive proportions using these Ice Counters.

Ice Counter Deck
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