Thousand Faces
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
THFC-EN001 Archfiend Hatter Rare Normal Pendulum Monster
THFC-EN002 Performapal Komodourus Common Effect Monster
THFC-EN003 Performapal Odd-Eyes Luminous Dragon Rare Effect Monster
THFC-EN004 Magician Slimecaster Common Effect Pendulum Monster
THFC-EN005 Magician Moon Cat Common Effect Pendulum Monster
THFC-EN006 Speedroid One-Faced Coin Rare Effect Pendulum Tuner Monster
THFC-EN007 Speedroid Dualcopter Common Effect Pendulum Monster
THFC-EN008 Superheavy Samurai Diamond Blade Normal Rare Effect Monster
THFC-EN009 Red-Eyes Luminous Dragon Rare Effect Monster
THFC-EN010 Blue-Eyes Luminous Dragon Rare Effect Monster
THFC-EN011 Gimmick Puppet Grave Robber-Up Common Effect Monster
THFC-EN012 Raidraptor - Nightmare Condor Common Effect Monster
THFC-EN013 Herald of Red Light Common Effect Tuner Monster
THFC-EN014 Draco-Dragun Super Rare Effect Pendulum Tuner Monster
THFC-EN015 Wightbutler Common Effect Tuner Monster
THFC-EN016 Ghost Slave Common Effect Monster
THFC-EN017 Magical Sentinel Common Effect Monster
THFC-EN018 Scribe Zombie Common Effect Monster
THFC-EN019 Jurrac Cerato Rare Effect Monster
THFC-EN020 Magic & Gravity - Rob-Houd Ultra Rare Effect Monster
THFC-EN021 Magic & Gravity - Milborn Common Effect Monster
THFC-EN022 Magic & Gravity - Blackstone Common Effect Monster
THFC-EN023 Magic & Gravity - Vern Common Effect Monster
THFC-EN024 Magic & Gravity - Kell Super Rare Effect Monster
THFC-EN025 Magic & Gravity - Slydini Rare Effect Monster
THFC-EN026 Dark Scorpion Invisible Robot Rare Effect Monster
THFC-EN027 Cerberus Slime Common Effect Monster
THFC-EN028 Ghost Cupid & Darkness Love Common Effect Tuner Monster
THFC-EN029 Reptilianne Dragon Common Effect Pendulum Monster
THFC-EN030 Reptilianne Bio Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
THFC-EN031 Tyranno Infinity Powered Rare Effect Monster
THFC-EN032 Fishborg Turtle Common Effect Monster
THFC-EN033 Ex-Labyrinth Worm Super Rare Effect Monster
THFC-EN034 Ex-Labyrinth Tank Rare Effect Monster
THFC-EN035 Ex-Labyrinth Shadow Ultimate Rare Effect Tuner Monster
THFC-EN036 Ex-Labyrinth - Spirit of Water Rare Effect Monster
THFC-EN037 Ex-Labyrinth - Spirit of Thunder Common Effect Monster
THFC-EN038 Ex-Labyrinth - Spirit of Wind Common Effect Monster
THFC-EN039 D.D. Rabbit Common Effect Monster
THFC-EN040 The Wicked God Servant Normal Rare Effect Monster
THFC-EN041 Destructor Robot K-0 Normal Rare Normal Pendulum Monster
THFC-EN042 Constructor Robot K-0 Normal Rare Normal Pendulum Monster
THFC-EN043 Flamvell Laval Lord Common Effect Fusion Tuner Monster
THFC-EN044 Titan Golem Rare Effect Fusion Monster
THFC-EN045 Ex-Labyrinth Master Common Effect Synchro Monster
THFC-EN046 Ultimate Ex-Labyrinth Guardian Holographic Rare Effect Synchro Monster
THFC-EN047 Alien Yamata Rare Effect Synchro Monster
THFC-EN048 Reptilianne Quetzalcoatl Rare Effect Synchro Monster
THFC-EN049 Wight Baby Dragon Rare Effect Synchro Monster
THFC-EN050 Doom Gaze, the Thousand-Faces Fiend Ultra Rare Effect Synchro Monster
THFC-EN051 The Number Tamer Rare Effect Xyz Monster
THFC-EN052 Magic & Gravity - Diablo Roudini Rare Effect Xyz Monster
THFC-EN053 Meklord Aero Striker Common Effect Xyz Monster
THFC-EN054 Paradise Lost Super Rare Continuous Spell Card
THFC-EN055 Hacker Coin Secret Rare Field Spell Card
THFC-EN056 Reptilianne Reborn Common Normal Spell Card
THFC-EN057 Dark Lucius Darkness Sword Super Rare Equip Spell Card
THFC-EN058 Kozaky Reinforcements Common Quick-Play Spell Card
THFC-EN059 Ex-Labyrinth Control Common Continuous Spell Card
THFC-EN060 The Magical Ex-Labyrinth Normal Rare Field Spell Card
THFC-EN061 Jewel Mine Rare Normal Spell Card
THFC-EN062 Dark Scorpion Reborn Common Normal Spell Card
THFC-EN063 Book of Cheats Normal Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
THFC-EN064 Tyranno World Common Field Spell Card
THFC-EN065 Magic & Gravity - Dimensional Staff Secret Rare Equip Spell Card
THFC-EN066 Magic & Gravity Dimension Super Rare Field Spell Card
THFC-EN067 Magic & Gravity - Gravitational Cube Common Equip Spell Card
THFC-EN068 Gimmick Puppet Mad Toy Normal Rare Continuous Trap Card
THFC-EN069 Sheep Token Fantasy Clothes Common Counter Trap Card
THFC-EN070 Ghostrick Surprise! Rare Normal Trap Card
THFC-EN071 Token Transformation Common Continuous Trap Card
THFC-EN072 Physicist Common Normal Trap Card
THFC-EN073 Ritual Force Common Counter Trap Card
THFC-EN074 Performapal Odd-Eyes Summon Common Normal Trap Card
THFC-EN075 Amulet of D.D. Souls Common Continuous Trap Card
THFC-EN076 Battleguard Tribe Common Continuous Trap Card
THFC-EN077 Pirate Attack! Secret Rare Normal Trap Card
THFC-EN078 Reptilianne Curse Common Counter Trap Card
THFC-EN079 Game Machine Common Continuous Trap Card
THFC-EN080 Inorganic Stone Normal Rare Normal Trap Card
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