Timeshifted Monsters are a subset of Effect Monsters, similar to Union monsters and Gemini monsters that are "retrainings" of monsters introduced in the Dawn of the Duel arc of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! anime, as well as monsters from the Bandai Yu-Gi-Oh! game, the prototype of what became the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game and the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game made by Konami. The idea behind these cards comes from Magic: The Gathering, specifically the cards of the same name and the Vanishing mechanic from the Time Spiral block. These monsters have the theme of being displaced through time and space and forced to adapt to their new environments, as well as deal with various changes to themselves, such as body modifications, age manipulation, and alternate versions being added to pre-existing archetypes.
All Timeshifted Monsters have the following text:

This card cannot be used as a Synchro Material. This card cannot be used as an Xyz Material. At the End Phase of a turn in which this card has no Shift Counters on it, or if there is no Field Spell on the field: Tribute this card. When this card leaves the field: Place this card on the bottom of your Deck. During your Main Phase: You can Tribute X face-up Timeshifted monsters you control; Special Summon this card (from your hand). When this monster is Summoned: Place Y Shift Counter(s) on this card. During each player's End Phase; remove 1 Shift Counter from this card.

In this case, X is the number of Tributes needed to Normal Summon the monster, and Y is the number of initial Shift Counters. However, some Timeshifted Monsters do not require Tributes, as they are Level 4 or lower.

Play Style

Timeshifted Monsters work very similar to Toon Monsters and Malefics. They require a Field Spell on the field, or else they are forced to Tribute themselves, though whenever they leave the field, they are placed on the bottom of their owner's Deck. They can also be Special Summoned instead of Normal Summoned, though they require Tributes to be paid for Level 5 or higher monsters. However, their signature Field Spell, "Time Shift Zone", allows for Timeshifted Monsters to be Special Summoned without Tribute once per turn.
Timeshifted Monsters utilize a special type of counter called "Shift Counters", which are placed on a Timeshifted Monster upon being Summoned, can be placed on Timeshifted Monsters afterwards using card effects, and can be used as payment for a Timeshifted Monster's effects. However, a Timeshifted Monster can only remain on the field as long as it has at least 1 Shift Counter, which are removed during each player's End Phase one at a time. Therefore, a player using a Timeshifted Monster must choose whether his or her Timeshifted Monster should stay on the field another turn or two, or use its Shift Counters to to activate a powerful effect.


Due to their unique nature, Timeshifted Monsters have no Graveyard or Banished presence at all, making them fit in well with "Madolches", who heavily use a Field Spell of their own and revolve around rescuing monsters from the Graveyard. They can also be used to get around the insidious "Gravekeeper's" anti-Meta Decks, turning their own "Necrovalley" against them thanks to their avoidance of what Gravekeeper's love to do most: lock down the Graveyard.


Timeshifted Monsters, while powerful, have a variety of weaknesses. The first and foremost is the same weakness shared by the "Earthbound Immortals" and "Malefics": They need a Field Spell on the field, or else they will simply shuffle themselves into the Deck. The cards "Transmigration Break" and "Counter Cleaner" will also throw a deck with Timeshifted Monsters in it for a loop, due to their abilities to prevent monsters from returning to the Deck and to remove counters from cards, respectively. Also, Timeshifted Monsters cannot be used as Synchro Materials or Xyz Materials, hampering their ability to be used to benefit Synchro and Xyz Summoning.

List of Timeshifted Monsters

For a complete list of Timeshifted monsters see "List of Timeshifted monsters". This is a list of all Timeshifted Monsters, their counterparts, and their support cards.

Timeshifted Monsters

Timeshifted Monster Original Monster Shifted
Blue-Eyes Photon Dragon Blue-Eyes White Dragon (Bandai) Photons
Magus of Illusions Dark Magician (Bandai)/Illusion Magician Ancient Egypt
Red-Eyes Tyrant Dragon Red-Eyes B. Dragon (Bandai) Tyrant Burst Dragon
Madolche Schwarzauberin Dark Magician Girl/Mana Madolches
Exodia, Guardian of the End of Time Exodia the Forbidden One (Bandai) The End of Time
Right Leg from the End of Time Right Leg of the Forbidden One (Bandai) The End of Time
Right Arm from the End of Time Right Arm of the Forbidden One (Bandai) The End of Time
Left Leg from the End of Time Left Leg of the Forbidden One (Bandai) The End of Time
Left Arm from the End of Time Left Arm of the Forbidden One (Bandai) The End of Time
Swordmaster Duos Duos/Gaia the Fierce Knight (Bandai) X-Saber Souza/Commander Gottoms, Swordmaster
Cursed Millennium Dragon Curse of Dragon (Bandai) Millennium Items
Duos, Dragonheart Paladin Duos Dragon Elemental HERO Neos Knight
Cybernetic Minotaurus Battle Ox (Bandai) Cyberse
Cybernetic Centaurus Mystic Horseman Cyberse
Cybernetic Minocentaurus Rabid Horseman Cyberse
Dinobeast Galestgoras Galestgoras Super-Ancient Dinobeast
Kuriboedia, Emissary of Ma'at Tragoedia/Winged Kuriboh Ancient Egypt/Ma'at
The Fabled Helimai Helimai The Fabled
Lady Pendragon Fairy Dragon Gijinka
Fortress Guardian Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1 (Bandai) Gijinka
Pendragon, the Emperor's Champion Kaiser Dragon Gijinka
Wrecking Beetle Hercules Beetle (Bandai) ATK Increase
Shadow Huntress Bast Bastet Dark Counterparts
Guardian Angel Spiria Spiria Guardian Angel Joan
Gadius the Resplendent Gadius Tyler the Great Warrior
Zelua, Knight of Simorgh Zelua Simorgh
The Wicked Miasmass Humanoid Giant Wicked Gods
Cerberus Desknight Two-Headed Jackal Warrior Mystical Knight of Jackal/Zombie Counterparts
Archfiend Skullshell Bone Snapper Archfiends/Card Guard
Bearer of Wdjat Illushu Wdjat/Meda Bat
Masked Vizier Winged Sage Falcos Mask
Mischievous Mime Iggas Saggi the Dark Clown (Bandai) Negative Energy Generator
Wicked Worm Beast Gudoul Gudoul The Wicked Worm Beast
Shabuht of the Corrupting Eyes Five-Eyed Horned Ogre Eyes
Assassirpent Embodiment of Apophis Ninjas
Psychotherapist Mystical Elf (Bandai) Psychics
Prime Dragon Thousand Dragon (Bandai)/Baby Dragon (Bandai) Baby Dragon/Thousand Dragon
Bugborg MkII Basic Insect (Bandai) Armored Basic Insect with Laser Cannon (Bandai)
Evolved Harpie Airo Harpie Lady 1 (Bandai) Harpie Lady 1
Evolved Harpie Keraino Harpie Lady 2 (Bandai) Harpie Lady 3
Evolved Harpie Ocupete Harpie Lady 3 (Bandai) Harpie Lady 2
Evolved Harpie Trinity Harpie Lady Sisters Elegant Egotist (Bandai)
Evolsaur Gigas Megazowler (Bandai) Evols
Twin-Crowned Chthonian Warlord Two-Headed King Rex (Bandai) Chthonian Emperor Dragon
Darkstorm Archfiend Summoned Skull (Bandai) Archfiends/Makiu, the Magical Mist
Tyrant Archfiend Dragon B. Skull Dragon (Bandai) Archfiends
Aphrodite Aphrodite Athena
Darksteel Dragon Blackland Fire Dragon Metalmorph
Dragon Control Kit Dragon Capture Jar (Bandai)/Dragon Piper (Bandai) Dragon Piper/Dragon Capture Jar
Justitian, Lightsworn Magistrate Judge Man (Bandai) Lightsworn
Silverback Warwolf Silver Fang (Bandai) Lycanthrope
Embodiment of Divinity Rogue Doll (Bandai) Anti-DARK
Mutapillar Larvae Moth (Bandai) Moth
Mutamoth Great Moth (Bandai)/Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth Moth
Louis, Vermin Knight Beaver Warrior (Bandai) Original Name/Artwork
Ice Blader Flame Swordsman (Bandai) Ice Counters
Gunmett, Abyssal King of Dark World King of Yamimakai (Bandai) Dark World
Machina Drill Labyrinth Tank (Bandai) Machinas
Raijin, Lord of Striking Thunder Sanga of the Thunder (Bandai) Gate Guardian
Suijin, Lord of Crashing Waves Suijin (Bandai) Gate Guardian
Kazejin, Lord of Roaring Winds Kazejin (Bandai) Gate Guardian
Raiden, Typhoon Emperor Gate Guardian (Bandai) Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
Fabled Goyle Ryu-Kishin (DM) Fabled
Hitotsume-Kozo Hitotsu-Me Giant (DM) Yokai Monsters/Zombie Counterparts
Floating Garden Babylon Castle of Dark Illusions (DM) Plant
Harvest Queen Ishtar Pumpking the King of Ghosts (Bandai) Plant
Time Witch Time Wizard (Bandai) Female/Shift Counters
Empress of Reversals Gyakutenno Megami (Bandai) Switches ATK and DEF
Launchpad Tortoise Catapult Turtle (Bandai) Allows direct attacks
Mermail - Leviabyss Kairyu-Skin (Bandai) Mermail
Tank Warrior Metal Guardian (Bandai) Warrior (series)/Elemental HERO Rampart Blaster/Evil HERO Infernal Sniper
Rocknight Giant Soldier of Stone (Bandai) Rockstone Warrior/Stone Statue of the Aztecs
Hachet Warrior Axe Raider (Bandai) Warrior (series)/Axe Raider
Berserker Warlord Swamp Battleguard (Bandai) Swamp Battleguard/Lava Battleguard
Garukin, Descendant of Dragons Garoozis (Bandai) Anti-Dragon
Umbravore Shadow Ghoul (Bandai) Gem-Knight Citrine
Skeletal Dragon Zombie Dragon (Bandai) Zombie Counterparts
Skeletal Knight Armored Zombie (Bandai) Zombie Counterparts
Skeletal Jester Clown Zombie (Bandai) Zombie Counterparts
Skeletal Chimera Dragon Zombie/Armored Zombie/Clown Zombie Zombie Counterparts
Phalansaurus Sword Arm of Dragon (Bandai) Wall of Illusion
Crocodragon Crawling Dragon #2 (Bandai) Lion Alligator
Cyberdark Gremlin Feral Imp (Bandai) Cyberdarks
Wizened Material Hunter Kojikocy (Bandai) Meta Hunters/Anti-Xyz
Gishki Kraken Fiend Kraken (Bandai) Gishki/Fiend Kraken
Plasma Jelly Jellyfish (Bandai) Thunder
False Dragon Armored Lizard (Bandai) Lesser Dragon
Lesser Ushi Oni Battle Steer (Bandai) Ushi Oni/Giant Ushi Oni
Golden Mammoth Skeleton Mammoth Graveyard (Bandai) Great Mammoth of Goldfine
The Fabled Barox Barox (Bandai) The Fabled
Mixed Arts Fighter Battle Warrior (Bandai) Monk
Laval Rhinogre Torike (Bandai) Lavals
Allerbee Killer Needle (Bandai) Counters
Blade of the Rakshasa Tiger Axe (Bandai) Equip Spell Cards
Fusion Imp Horn Imp (Bandai) Fusion
Wattprince Wattkid (Bandai) Watts
Chaospawn Dark Spirit of Chaos Searcher
Diabound Necrophades Diabound Kernel Zorc Necrophades
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