Timewarp Material Monsters (タイムワープ()(ざい) (formatted as (タイムワープ)()(ざい) exclusively in card text) Taimuwāpu Sozai) are monsters used in the Timewarp Summoning of a Timewarp Monster. Although they are referred to in the plural sense on this page, only 1 Timewarp Material Monster is used for a Timewarp Summon at a time. When placed in the Event Horizon, a Timewarp Material Monster gains 1 Eon Counter during each Standby Phase, and when the Material Monster has enough Eon Counters that would allow its original Level to reach the Level of the intended Timewarp Monster, it can be banished from the Event Horizon in order for the Timewarp Monster to be placed in a valid Monster Card Zone.

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