A Timewarp Summon (タイムワープ(しょう)(かん) (formatted as (タイムワープ)(しょう)(かん) exclusively in card text) Taimuwāpu Shoukan) is the method of Summoning a Timewarp Monster. To Timewarp Summon a Timewarp Monster, you must have the proper Timewarp Material in your Event Horizon with a number of Eon Counters that is equal to or greater than the difference between the Material Monster's original Level and the Level of the Timewarp Monster you are trying to Timewarp Summon. If you do, banish the Timewarp Material Monster from the Event Horizon, then place the Timewarp Monster you plan to Summon in a valid Monster Card Zone. This is a Timewarp Summon. Afterwards, if the Timewarp Material Monster had more Eon Counters than the required amount to reach the proper Level (i.e. 10 Eon Counters on a Level 3 Material used to Timewarp Summon a Level -4 Timewarp Monster), redistribute the leftover Eon Counters among any monsters still in your Event Horizon. If no monsters are left in your Event Horizon, the Eon Counters are simply erased.

So long as you have enough Eon Counters on monsters in your Event Horizon and Timewarp Monsters that can be Summoned using those monsters, there is no limit to how many times you can Timewarp Summon in one turn.

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