Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker Wiki
Name Tohru
Age 14 (debut)
Gender Male
Relatives Unknown
Deck Imadjinnary
Appearances Unnamed future Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V fanfiction

Tohru (last name unknown) is a character in a future ARC-V fanfiction.  He is an up-and-coming star Duelist from the Synchro Dimension with a score to settle with Yugo.


Tohru has an average skin tone, pink eyes, and short white hair with a green streak from front to back right above each ear, two short red bangs sticking upward in the front like a small pair of horns. Like most Synchro Dimension Duelists, Tohru primarily wears a two-piece racing suit, primarily colored silver and black with red, blue, gold, and purple accents, his helmet being black with a silver crest and gray visor. Underneath the top part of his suit, Tohru typically wears a thin gray shirt, a lime green vest, and a black and yellow striped tie.

Tohru's Duel Runner more closely resembles the front of a bullet train rather than a motorcycle, mostly matching his racing suit's colors with a lot more red to it.


A hot-blooded and prideful young man, Tohru refuses to ever back down from a fight and is not one to let a perceived slight go by. Typically loud and cocky, he displays a very clear lack of situational awareness, often having to be physically smacked back to reality if he lets his personal agenda get in the way. However, his skill and persistence have earned him his place in the Tops, and he will never judge another person's strength until he's seen what they can actually do. Tohru is capable of charitable and friendly acts, though he often tries to downplay how nice he can actually be out of embarrassment, and any cause he supports is one he will fight for until the end.


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Tohru plays an "Imadjinnary" Deck. The tendency of most of his monsters to Summon themselves with 0 ATK and DEF serves as bait for reckless opponents, as those who fall for it will instead unleash their full power before Tohru's Synchro Monsters go in for the kill.