Toon Des Kangaroo
Attribute Dark Dark
Type(s) [ Beast/Toon ]
Level 4 Level2Level2Level2Level2
ATK / DEF 1500 / 1700
This card cannot attack during the turn that it is Normal Summoned, Flip Summoned, or Special Summoned. When "Toon World" on the field is destroyed, this card is also destroyed. If "Toon World" is on your side of the field and your opponent does not control a Toon Monster, this card can attack your opponent's Life Points directly. This cards name is also treated as "Des Kangaroo". If the ATK of a monster that attacks this monster is lower than the DEF of this card, destroy the attacking monster. (Damage calculation is applied normally.)
Sets Yu-Gi-Oh! DA/Legendtoons

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