Toon World Reincarnation
Toon World Reincarnation
Japan-flag Translated Toon World Reincarnation
Creator EvilDeathX
Card type Trap Card Trap
Property Continuous Continuous
(This card's name is always treated as "Toon World".)
Activate this card when a monster you control is destroyed by battle. When this card is activated: Banish as many "Toon World" cards as possible from both players' hand and Deck, then Special Summon as many Toon monsters from your hand as possible. There can only be 1 face-up Toon monster on the field with the same name. If this card is destroyed or leaves the field: Shuffle as many banished "Toon" cards as possible into the Deck.
Description Pegasus, Master of the Toons is pulling his new Ace Card.
Sets Rebirth of Evil (RBOE-EN009)
Rarity Ultra Rare

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