• Set Prefix is TC.
  • This Deck contains 40 cards (4 Ultra Rare, 5 Super Rare, 7 Rare and 24 Common).
Tribal Curse Cards
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Type/Property Rarity Category Quantity
TC-0001 Hane-Hane Beast/Effect Common Monster 3
TC-0002 Hade-Hane Beast/Effect Common Monster 2
TC-0003 Hake-Hane Beast/Effect Rare Monster 1
TC-0004 Hane Warrior Beast-Warrior/Effect Common Monster 3
TC-0005 Hane Shaman Beast/Effect Rare Monster 2
TC-0006 Hane Chief Beast/Effect Rare Monster 1
TC-0007 Hane Gladiator Beast-Warrior/Effect Super Rare Monster 1
TC-0008 Hane Attack Force Beast/Effect Rare Monster 2
TC-0009 Hane Hound Dog Beast/Effect Common Monster 3
TC-0010 Hane Guardian Beast/Effect Ultra Rare Monster 1
TC-0011 Hane-Hane God Beast/Effect Ultra Rare Monster 1
TC-0012 Hane Graveyard Field Super Rare Spell 1
TC-0013 Field Barrier Continuous Rare Spell 3
TC-0014 Hane Hunting Normal Common Spell 2
TC-0015 Hane Mass Attack Normal Common Spell 2
TC-0016 Hane Cerimony of Invocation Normal Super Rare Spell 1
TC-0017 Hane Evacuation Counter Common Trap 2
TC-0018 Hane Evacuation Reverse Counter Rare Trap 2
TC-0019 Hane Explosion Normal Ultra Rare Trap 1
TC-0020 Meteors Rain Continuous Super Rare Trap 1
TC-0021 Revigoration Tribal Potion Continuous Rare Spell 1
TC-0022 Hane Protection Continuous Common Trap 2
TC-0023 Beast Cage Normal Super Rare Spell 1
TC-0024 Divine Punishing Normal Ultra Rare Spell 1

Placeholder This Deck focuses in remove all opponent's monster of the field and attack it directly.

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