• Cover Card is "Chaos Supreme Lord".
  • Based on LIGHT and DARK monsters.
  • New support for archetypes Allies of Justice, Genex Allies, Scrap, Chainsaw and Neo-Spacian monsters.
  • Includes the new archetypes Test Number and Ally Soldiers.
    • More you Summon “Test Number" monsters during the duel, more new Summoned "Test Number" are powerful!
    • If you control an "Ally" monster, you can Special Summon "Ally Soldier" monsters from your hand, new anti-LIGHT monsters. And "Ally Soldier" monsters are counterparts of other monsters from X-Sabers, Lightsworns and Dark World archetypes!
Wave of Chaos
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
TWKD-EN001 Mirage Warrior Common Normal Monster
TWKD-EN002 Wall Guardian Common Normal Monster
TWKD-EN003 Tempest Dark Dragon Common Gemini Monster
TWKD-EN004 Gossip Warrior Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
TWKD-EN005 Infinity Knight Super Rare Effect Monster
TWKD-EN006 Doom Computer Rare Effect Monster
TWKD-EN007 Ally of Justice Mystery Rare Effect Monster
TWKD-EN008 Ally of Justice Power Absorber Common Effect Monster
TWKD-EN009 Ally of Justice Mirror Breaker Super Rare Effect Monster
TWKD-EN010 Ally of Justice Telepathy Rare Effect Monster
TWKD-EN011 Genex Ally Fatman Common Effect Monster
TWKD-EN012 Genex Ally Disclaimer Rare Effect Monster
TWKD-EN013 Genex Ally Keeper Common Effect Monster
TWKD-EN014 Ally Satellite Super Rare Tuner Monster
TWKD-EN015 Ally Gravity Common Tuner Monster
TWKD-EN016 Ally Soldier Doomcaliber Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
TWKD-EN017 Ally Soldier Fulhelmknight Rare Tuner Monster
TWKD-EN018 Ally Soldier Ehren Super Rare Effect Monster
TWKD-EN019 Ally Soldier Goldd Super Rare Effect Monster
TWKD-EN020 Scrap Knight Common Effect Monster
TWKD-EN021 Scrap Anaconda Rare Effetc Monster
TWKD-EN022 Test Number Little Sorcerer Super Rare Effect Monster
TWKD-EN023 Test Number Mysterious Magus Common Effect Monster
TWKD-EN024 Test Number Mathematician Common Tuner Monster
TWKD-EN025 Test Number Wonder Fairy Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
TWKD-EN026 Test Number Allure Princess Super Rare Effect Monster
TWKD-EN027 Test Number Defense Soul Common Tuner Monster
TWKD-EN028 Test Number Royal Lion Common Effect Monster
TWKD-EN029 Test Number Sacred Lotus Rare Effect Monster
TWKD-EN030 Test Number Reckless Knight Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare Tuner Monster
TWKD-EN031 Chainsaw Duck Common Effect Monster
TWKD-EN032 Chainsaw Leviathan Super Rare Effect Monster
TWKD-EN033 Neo-Spacian Darkness Panther Common Effect Monster
TWKD-EN034 Rapping Master Secret Rare Tuner Monster
TWKD-EN035 Limit Bird Rare Tuner Monster
TWKD-EN036 Wallis the Star Fish Super Rare Effect Monster
TWKD-EN037 Elemental HERO Cruel Neos Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare Fusion Monster
TWKD-EN038 Chaos Supreme Lord Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare/Ghost Rare Synchro Monster
TWKD-EN039 Ally of Justice Newton Secret Rare Synchro Monster
TWKD-EN040 Scrap Young Dragon Rare Synchro Monster
TWKD-EN041 Test Number Digits King Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare Synchro Monster
TWKD-EN042 Test Number Algebra Queen Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare Synchro Monster
TWKD-EN043 World of Harmony Super Rare Field Spell Card
TWKD-EN044 Advent Secret Rare Normal Spell Card
TWKD-EN045 Effect Whirlwind Common Continuous Spell Card
TWKD-EN046 Rivalry Circle Common Normal Spell Card
TWKD-EN047 Reinforcement of Justice Common Normal Spell Card
TWKD-EN048 Scrap Factory Common Field Spell Card
TWKD-EN049 Test Number Gift Common Normal Spell Card
TWKD-EN050 Test Number Acceleration Rare Normal Spell Card
TWKD-EN051 Test Number Gate Super Rare Normal Spell Card
TWKD-EN052 Test Number Raigeki Common Normal Spell Card
TWKD-EN053 Chainsaw Warning Common Normal Spell Card
TWKD-EN054 Neo-Space Big Bang Common Normal Spell Card
TWKD-EN055 Synchro Magnetic Wind Common Normal Spell Card
TWKD-EN056 Instant Upheaval Secret Rare Normal Spell Card
TWKD-EN057 Auction Sale Common Normal Spell Card
TWKD-EN058 Sorcerer’s Magical Scepter Common Equip Spell Card
TWKD-EN059 Gateway of the Dawn Common Normal Spell Card
TWKD-EN060 Gateway of the Twilight Common Normal Spell Card
TWKD-EN061 Pot of Malice Common Normal Spell Card
TWKD-EN062 Cyber Trap Hole Common Normal Trap Card
TWKD-EN063 Synchro Flag Rare Normal Trap Card
TWKD-EN064 Magical Whip Rare Counter Trap Card
TWKD-EN065 Effect Barrier Rare Normal Trap Card
TWKD-EN066 Dimensional Shield Rare Normal Trap Card
TWKD-EN067 Draw Magical Shield Rare Normal Trap Card
TWKD-EN068 Light Prison Common Normal Trap Card
TWKD-EN069 Mirror of Justice Common Normal Trap Card
TWKD-EN070 Scrap Fury Common Normal Trap Card
TWKD-EN071 Digits Tower Common Normal Trap Card
TWKD-EN072 Algebra Fortress Common Normal Trap Card
TWKD-EN073 Test Number Catapult Common Continuous Trap Card
TWKD-EN074 Neo-Storm Common Counter Trap Card
TWKD-EN075 Order of the Lord Common Counter Trap Card
TWKD-EN076 Capitulation to the Lord Common Normal Trap Card
TWKD-EN077 Night Enigma Common Normal Trap Card
TWKD-EN078 Rescue Token Common Normal Trap Card
TWKD-EN079 Doom Mirage Common Continuous Trap Card
TWKD-EN080 Counter of the Pots Super Rare Counter Trap Card
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