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Twilight Wonderland is a Booster Pack. It is the 14th one in Branch's series, following Dimension Competition and followed by Evolution of Unity.


  • Focuses on the Yu-Gi-Oh! series as a whole.
  • Includes cards used by Seto Kaiba, Duke Devlin, Ishizu Ishtar, Maximillion Pegasus, Camula, Akiza Izinski, Blister, Cathy Katherine, Quattro, Declan Akaba, Baira, Ai, Sayomi Okazaki, Ryu Uchida, & Yutaka Hyodo.
  • Includes members/support for the "@Ignister", "A.I.", "Blue-Eyes", "Cat", "D/D", "Dark Contract", "Dark Mummy", "Gimmick Puppet", "Gravekeeper's", "Rose Dragon", "Toon" and "Vampire" archetypes/series.
  • Introduces the "∞ Dragon" and "Cursed" archetypes
  • Cover card: "D/D/D Freedom King Abraham"


Set no. English Name Japanese Name Rarity Category
TLWL-EN001 D/D Crypt Slime Effect Monster
TLWL-EN002 "D/D" Pendulum Monster
TLWL-EN003 Rose Ghost Effect Monster
TLWL-EN004 Sunlight Rose Dragon Effect Pendulum Monster
TLWL-EN005 Boysenberry Rose Dragon Effect Tuner Pendulum Monster
TLWL-EN006 Diceosaur Effect Monster
TLWL-EN007 Spade Ninja Effect Monster
TLWL-EN008 Vampire Prince Effect Monster
TLWL-EN009 Vampire Wolf Effect Monster
TLWL-EN010 Vampire Arachnid Effect Monster
TLWL-EN011 Gothic Cat Girl Effect Monster
TLWL-EN012 Pampered Cat Effect Monster
TLWL-EN013 Gimmick Puppet Blood Doll Effect Monster
TLWL-EN014 Gimmick Puppet King Effect Monster
TLWL-EN015 "Butterspy" Effect Monster
TLWL-EN016 Wickend Brutalthug Effect Monster
TLWL-EN017 "Wickend" Effect Monster
TLWL-EN018 "Wickend" Effect Monster
TLWL-EN019 "Inkblot" Effect Monster
TLWL-EN020 Punishment ∞ Dragon Effect Monster
TLWL-EN021 Cave ∞ Dragon Effect Monster
TLWL-EN022 Sky ∞ Dragon Effect Monster
TLWL-EN023 Fountain ∞ Dragon Effect Monster
TLWL-EN024 New Archetype 2 Effect Monster
TLWL-EN025 New Archetype 2 Effect Monster
TLWL-EN026 New Archetype 2 Effect Monster
TLWL-EN027 New Archetype 2 Effect Monster
TLWL-EN028 "Dinoscholar" Effect Monster
TLWL-EN029 "Dinoscholar" Effect Monster
TLWL-EN030 Dark Mummy Stretch Effect Monster
TLWL-EN031 Dark Mummy Syringe Effect Monster
TLWL-EN032 "Scorchipede" Effect Monster
TLWL-EN033 "Scorchipede" Effect Monster
TLWL-EN034 Blue-Eyes Ultimate Toon Dragon Effect Toon Fusion Monster
TLWL-EN035 Vampire Nossferoto Effect Fusion Monster
TLWL-EN036 Flourished Rose Effect Synchro Monster
TLWL-EN037 "Duke" Xyz Monster
TLWL-EN038 Pop Star Cat Girl Effect Xyz Monster
TLWL-EN039 "Butterspy" Xyz Monster
TLWL-EN040 D/D/D Freedom King Abraham Effect Link Monster
TLWL-EN041 "Dark Mummy" Link Monster
TLWL-EN042 Gravekeeper's Tactician Effect Link Monster
TLWL-EN043 "Cloudian" Link Monster
TLWL-EN044 "D/D/D" Enchant Monster
TLWL-EN045 Dusksoul ∞ Dragon Effect Enchant Monster
TLWL-EN046 Nature ∞ Dragon Effect Enchant Monster
TLWL-EN047 Cursed Ruler Bram Effect Enchant Monster
TLWL-EN048 "Dark Contract" Spell Card
TLWL-EN049 "D/D" Spell Card
TLWL-EN050 Rose Pendant Equip Spell Card
TLWL-EN051 4 Shades of Suits Normal Spell Card
TLWL-EN052 Vampire Fusion Normal Spell Card
TLWL-EN053 "Vampire" Spell Card
TLWL-EN054 "Cat" Spell Card
TLWL-EN055 "Butterspy" Spell Card
TLWL-EN056 "Wickend" Spell Card
TLWL-EN057 "Inkblot" Spell Card
TLWL-EN058 ∞ Force Normal Spell Card
TLWL-EN059 ∞ Treasure Normal Spell Card
TLWL-EN060 ∞ Twister Quick-Play Spell Card
TLWL-EN061 New Archetype 2 Spell Card
TLWL-EN062 New Archetype 2 Spell Card
TLWL-EN063 New Archetype 2 Spell Card
TLWL-EN064 "Dark Mummy" Spell Card
TLWL-EN065 "Dark Mummy" Spell Card
TLWL-EN066 "Dinoscholar" Spell Card
TLWL-EN067 "Dinoscholar" Spell Card
TLWL-EN068 Ignister ParadA.I.se Field Spell Card
TLWL-EN069 "D/D" Trap Card
TLWL-EN070 "Akiza" Trap Card
TLWL-EN071 Dicebugged Normal Trap Card
TLWL-EN072 Vampire Night Continuous Trap Card
TLWL-EN073 Puppet Show Continuous Trap Card
TLWL-EN074 ∞ Explosion Normal Trap Card
TLWL-EN075 New Archetype 2 Trap Card
TLWL-EN076 "Dark Mummy" Trap Card
TLWL-EN077 "Dark Mummy" Trap Card
TLWL-EN078 A.I.rony Counter Trap Card
TLWL-EN079 Machina Recall Counter Trap Card
TLWL-EN080 Blue-Eyes Statue Normal Trap Card