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Twilight Wonderland is a Booster Pack. It is the 14th one in Branch's series, following Dimension Competition and followed by Evolution of Unity.


  • Focuses on the Yu-Gi-Oh! series as a whole.
  • Includes cards used by Seto Kaiba, Duke Devlin, Ishizu Ishtar, Maximillion Pegasus, Camula, Akiza Izinski, Blister, Cathy Katherine, Quattro, Dextra, Declan Akaba, Baira, Ai, Flame, Hajime Ogata, Sayomi Okazaki, Ryu Uchida, & Yutaka Amagi.
  • Includes members/support for the "@Ignister", "A.I.", "Blue-Eyes", "Butterspy", "Cat", "D/D", "Dark Contract", "Dark Mummy", "Dinoscholar", "Gimmick Puppet", "Gravekeeper's", "Papillo", "Rose Dragon", "Scorchipede", "Sin Servant", "Toon", "Vampire" and "Wickend" archetypes/series.
  • Introduces the "∞ Dragon" and "Cursed" archetypes
  • Cover card: "D/D/D Freedom King Abraham"


Set no. English Name Japanese Name Rarity Category
TLWL-EN001 D/D Crypt Slime Effect Monster
TLWL-EN002 D/D Angel Effect Pendulum Monster
TLWL-EN003 Rose Ghost Effect Monster
TLWL-EN004 Sunlight Rose Dragon Effect Pendulum Monster
TLWL-EN005 Boysenberry Rose Dragon Effect Tuner Pendulum Monster
TLWL-EN006 Diceosaur Effect Monster
TLWL-EN007 Spade Ninja Effect Monster
TLWL-EN008 Vampire Prince Effect Monster
TLWL-EN009 Vampire Wolf Effect Monster
TLWL-EN010 Vampire Arachnid Effect Monster
TLWL-EN011 Gothic Cat Girl Effect Monster
TLWL-EN012 Pampered Cat Effect Monster
TLWL-EN013 Gimmick Puppet Blood Doll Effect Monster
TLWL-EN014 Gimmick Puppet King Effect Monster
TLWL-EN015 Red Admiral Butterspy Effect Monster
TLWL-EN016 Wickend Brutalthug Effect Monster
TLWL-EN017 Sin Servant Hajimari Effect Pendulum Monster
TLWL-EN018 Sin Servant Owari Effect Pendulum Monster
TLWL-EN019 "Inkblot" Effect Monster
TLWL-EN020 Punishment ∞ Dragon Effect Monster
TLWL-EN021 Cave ∞ Dragon Effect Monster
TLWL-EN022 Sky ∞ Dragon Effect Monster
TLWL-EN023 Fountain ∞ Dragon Effect Monster
TLWL-EN024 Cursed Creature Minotaur Effect Monster
TLWL-EN025 Cursed Creature Pegasus Effect Monster
TLWL-EN026 Cursed Creature Vamp Effect Monster
TLWL-EN027 New Archetype 2 Effect Monster
TLWL-EN028 Dinoscholar Brachilon Effect Monster
TLWL-EN029 "Dinoscholar" Effect Monster
TLWL-EN030 Dark Mummy Stretch Effect Monster
TLWL-EN031 Dark Mummy Syringe Effect Monster
TLWL-EN032 Scorchipede Subspinic Effect Monster
TLWL-EN033 "Scorchipede" Effect Monster
TLWL-EN034 Blue-Eyes Ultimate Toon Dragon Effect Toon Fusion Monster
TLWL-EN035 Vampire Nossferoto Effect Fusion Monster
TLWL-EN036 Flourished Rose Effect Synchro Monster
TLWL-EN037 "Duke" Xyz Monster
TLWL-EN038 Pop Star Cat Girl Effect Xyz Monster
TLWL-EN039 Dawn Papilloperative Effect Xyz Monster
TLWL-EN040 D/D/D Freedom King Abraham Effect Link Monster
TLWL-EN041 Dark Mummy Surgical Sterilizer Effect Link Monster
TLWL-EN042 Gravekeeper's Tactician Effect Link Monster
TLWL-EN043 "Cloudian" Link Monster
TLWL-EN044 "D/D/D" Enchant Monster
TLWL-EN045 Dusksoul ∞ Dragon Effect Enchant Monster
TLWL-EN046 Nature ∞ Dragon Effect Enchant Monster
TLWL-EN047 Cursed Ruler Bram Effect Enchant Monster
TLWL-EN048 "Dark Contract" Spell Card
TLWL-EN049 "D/D" Spell Card
TLWL-EN050 Rose Pendant Equip Spell Card
TLWL-EN051 4 Shades of Suits Normal Spell Card
TLWL-EN052 Vampire Fusion Normal Spell Card
TLWL-EN053 Vampire's Chalice Normal Spell Card
TLWL-EN054 Cat Cradle Normal Spell Card
TLWL-EN055 Butterfly Gathering Quick-Play Spell Card
TLWL-EN056 "Wickend" Spell Card
TLWL-EN057 "Inkblot" Spell Card
TLWL-EN058 ∞ Force Normal Spell Card
TLWL-EN059 ∞ Treasure Normal Spell Card
TLWL-EN060 ∞ Twister Quick-Play Spell Card
TLWL-EN061 Cursed Enchant Quick-Play Spell Card
TLWL-EN062 New Archetype 2 Spell Card
TLWL-EN063 New Archetype 2 Spell Card
TLWL-EN064 "Dark Mummy" Spell Card
TLWL-EN065 "Dark Mummy" Spell Card
TLWL-EN066 Dinoscholar Utilities Normal Spell Card
TLWL-EN067 "Dinoscholar" Spell Card
TLWL-EN068 Ignister ParadA.I.se Field Spell Card
TLWL-EN069 "D/D" Trap Card
TLWL-EN070 "Akiza" Trap Card
TLWL-EN071 Dicebugged Normal Trap Card
TLWL-EN072 Vampire Night Continuous Trap Card
TLWL-EN073 Puppet Show Continuous Trap Card
TLWL-EN074 ∞ Explosion Normal Trap Card
TLWL-EN075 New Archetype 2 Trap Card
TLWL-EN076 Burst Banishment Virus Normal Trap Card
TLWL-EN077 "Dark Mummy" Trap Card
TLWL-EN078 A.I.rony Counter Trap Card
TLWL-EN079 Machina Recall Counter Trap Card
TLWL-EN080 Blue-Eyes Statue Normal Trap Card