Twinkle Fairy Arisa

Twinkle Fairies (ティンクル•フェアリー) are a new archetype consists of all Fairy-Type monsters.

Archetype Information
Name Twinkle Fairy
Kanji ティンクル•フェアリー
Phonetic Tinkuru Fearī
Appears In Unconfirmed


Their appearances are more like Fairies, both young and mature with colorful designs.

Playing Style

The primary source of all Twinkle Fairy's effects, are from their Levels. They increase their Levels during the Standby Phases. They can use their Levels by decreasing it to activate their appropriate effects like destroying cards, drawing power and gaining Life Points. Their Levels acts like Counters. And because they can adjust their Levels, it is easy to Synchro Summon to summon more powerful Twinkle Fairy Synchros.

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