Ultimate Dragon Gene
Japan-flag Romaji Kyūkyoku Ryūidenshi
Creator Taylor Gorrell
Card type Spell Card Spell
Property Splice Splice
If the equipped monster is affected by 3 or more Splice Spell/Trap Cards (including this card): Hybrid Summon 1 "Dimension Orochi Hybrid Dragon" monster from your Extra Deck, using the equipped monster and all Splice Spell/Trap Cards affecting it as the Hybrid Materials.
Spell Effect
Equip only to a Level 8 or higher non-Fusion, non-Ritual, non-Synchro, non-Xyz, non-Pendulum, non-Composition, non-Dark Synchro Dragon-Type monster that was not Tribute Summoned. If the equipped monster battles a Special/Tribute Summoned monster, it gains 1000 ATK, also any battle damage your opponent takes from a battle between the equipped monster and a Special/Tribute Summoned monster is doubled.

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