The "Ultimate Hero" set of cards is a new type of HERO, all of which are warriors with varying attributes, created by User:Random flying object (This page needs help with the formatting so that it looks neater)


The "Ultimate Hero" cards are based off of different attributes, because their effects usually activate with multiple attributes on the field, or changing card attributes. Because of this, most of the cards have a wide variety of attributes to begin with. Also most of the cards have over 1600 ATK, so they work as Beatsticks.

Deck Strategy

The idea of the "Ultimate Heroes" bases on attributes, so from aside the "Ultimate Hero" support, it would be okay to throw in cards like "Homunculus the Alchemic Being", who can change his own attributes. Also, you may consider cards that deal with strong ATK.


So far, you can only find "Ultimate Heroes" in the Dawn of the Heroes pack.

Structure Decks

Sorry, no structure decks include them so far.


-Ultimate Hero Ice Commander

-Ultimate Hero Twin Creek

-Ultimate Hero Quad Release

-Ultimate Hero Serpenteer

-Ultimate Hero Ninja Star

-Ultimate Hero Memory

-Ultimate Hero Alchemy Blaster

-Ultimate Hero Drillblaze

-Ultimate Hero Gravekeeper

-Ultimate Hero Hydro Fist

-Ultimate Hero Illusion

-Ultimate Hero Peace

-Ultimate Hero Spider

-Ultimate Hero Stormborn

-Ultimate Hero Transferior

-Ultimate Hero Warmblood

-Ultimate Hero Banker

-Ultimate Hero Rockwing

-Ultimate Hero Hotshot

-Ultimate Hero V-Cano

-Ultimate Hero Bulbarian

-Ultimate Hero Golem

-Ultimate Hero Hyperfire

-Ultimate Hero Unleashed


I would recomend this set to every duelist with a lot of cards that relate to type changes, or all the cards to duelists that enjoy cards influencing each other that work together perfectly. Plus, most of them have ATK on the higher side.

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