• Cover Card is "Zonbi - Overlord of the Cemetery".
  • Focus on "Ghost"-type monsters.
  • Deity Rare, where the whole card is shiny like a Parallel Rare, have holographic icons like an Ultimate Rare, but faded image like a Ghost Rare.
Undead Realms
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
UDRM-EN000 Zonbi - Overlord of the Cemetery Secret Rare Effect Monster
UDRM-EN000 Zonbi - Overlord of the Cemetery Deity Rare Effect Monster
UDRM-EN001 The Ultimate Ghost Ultra Rare Normal Monster
UDRM-EN002 Ghost Knight Common Normal Monster
UDRM-EN003 Specter Protector Rare Effect Monster
UDRM-EN004 Spirit Priest Common Effect Monster
UDRM-EN005 Snow Queen Super Rare Effect Monster
UDRM-EN006 Chalkdust Wraith Rare Effect Monster
UDRM-EN007 Poltergeist of Blades Common Effect Monster
UDRM-EN008 Rare Gold Ghost Secret Rare Effect Monster
UDRM-EN009 Ghost's Host Secret Rare Effect Monster
UDRM-EN010 Apparition of Chaos Common Effect Monster
UDRM-EN011 Photographic Ghost Common Effect Monster
UDRM-EN012 Spirit Reaper - The True Ghost Common Effect Monster
UDRM-EN013 Phantom Tantrum Common Effect Monster
UDRM-EN014 Wraith of Wrath Common Effect Monster
UDRM-EN015 Ultimate Ghost Knight Deity Rare Effect Monster
UDRM-EN016 Chaos-Ghost Deity Rare Effect Monster
UDRM-EN017 Cyber Ghost Dragon Rare Effect Monster
UDRM-EN018 Ghost Master Super Rare Effect Monster
UDRM-EN019 Ghost Goblin Common Effect Monster
UDRM-EN020 Hammalot the Ghost Monarch Super Rare Effect Monster
UDRM-EN021 D.D. Spirit Common Effect Monster
UDRM-EN022 Ghost of Order Secret Rare Effect Monster
UDRM-EN023 Ancient Ghost Golem Common Effect Monster
UDRM-EN024 Majesty of the Spirits Common Effect Monster
UDRM-EN025 Akuma Common Spirit Monster
UDRM-EN026 Aoandon Common Spirit Monster
UDRM-EN027 Kodama Common Spirit Monster
UDRM-EN028 Spirit World Common Field Spell Card
UDRM-EN029 Ghost World Rare Field Spell Card
UDRM-EN030 Spiritual Draw Ultra Rare Spell Card
UDRM-EN031 Ghastly Draw Ultra Rare Spell Card
UDRM-EN032 Ghost Board Ultra Rare Continuous Spell Card
UDRM-EN033 Spiritual Ghost Art - Envy Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
UDRM-EN034 Spiritual Fissure Common Continuous Spell Card
UDRM-EN035 Book of Spiritualism Common Quick-Play Spell Card
UDRM-EN036 Call of the Spirit Common Continuous Spell Card
UDRM-EN037 No More Spirits! Super Rare Spell Card
UDRM-EN038 Reinforcement of the Spirit Super Rare Spell Card
UDRM-EN039 Ghastly Blast! Common Trap Card
UDRM-EN040 Ghost Charge Common Trap Card
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