Underrated Energy
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
UNEN-EN001 Underseabot Common Normal Monster
UNEN-EN002 Wight Skull Armor Common Effect Pendulum Monster
UNEN-EN003 Wight Nanny Common Effect Pendulum Monster
UNEN-EN004 Toon Beaver Warrior Common Toon Monster
UNEN-EN005 Toon Baby Dragon Normal Rare Toon Monster
UNEN-EN006 Fallen Servant - Raviel Normal Rare Effect Monster
UNEN-EN007 Sealed Fiend - The Tsunami Common Effect Monster
UNEN-EN008 Sealed Fiend - Archfiend of Dark Common Effect Monster
UNEN-EN009 Machine Bomb Virus Common Effect Pendulum Monster
UNEN-EN010 Cybevol Cyborg - 1st Stage Common Effect Monster
UNEN-EN011 Cybevol Cyber Cocoon Common Effect Monster
UNEN-EN012 Cybevol Metal Cocoon Common Effect Monster
UNEN-EN013 Cybevol Net Cocoon Common Effect Monster
UNEN-EN014 Cybevol Robotic Cocoon Common Effect Monster
UNEN-EN015 D.D. Nightmare Spirit Common Effect Monster
UNEN-EN016 Artifact Hades Cap Common Effect Monster
UNEN-EN017 Artifact Winged Harpe Common Effect Monster
UNEN-EN018 Archfiend Centaur Common Effect Pendulum Monster
UNEN-EN019 Endking Archfiend Rare Effect Monster
UNEN-EN020 Iceveryst Sif Common Effect Monster
UNEN-EN021 Iceveryst Nanna Common Effect Monster
UNEN-EN022 Iceveryst Sigyn Common Effect Monster
UNEN-EN023 Iceveryst Skadi Common Effect Monster
UNEN-EN024 Iceveryst Gefjon Common Effect Monster
UNEN-EN025 Iceveryst Geror Common Effect Monster
UNEN-EN026 The Forgotten Spirit Common Effect Monster
UNEN-EN027 The Forgotten Titan Common Effect Monster
UNEN-EN028 Gradius Dragonbot Common Effect Monster
UNEN-EN029 Legendary Sealmaster Meisei Rare Effect Monster
UNEN-EN030 Deadly Goblin Statue Common Effect Monster
UNEN-EN031 Prediction Princess Astragalpixie Common Pendulum Effect Monster
UNEN-EN032 Prediction Princess Chiromasprite Common Pendulum Effect Monster
UNEN-EN033 Space Hole Spaceship LV4 Normal Rare Effect Tuner Monster
UNEN-EN034 Space Hole Spaceship LV6 Common Effect Monster
UNEN-EN035 Space Hole Spaceship LV8 Common Effect Monster
UNEN-EN036 Sandstorm Camel Common Effect Monster
UNEN-EN037 Lord of L. Common Effect Monster
UNEN-EN038 Femassassin Normal Rare Effect Monster
UNEN-EN039 The Metallic Mantis Common Effect Monster
UNEN-EN040 D.D. Gate Traveller Rare Effect Monster
UNEN-EN041 Vennominnaga Baby Common Effect Ritual Monster
UNEN-EN042 Tyhone 3 Common Effect Fusion Monster
UNEN-EN043 Supreme Mr. Volcano Common Effect Fusion Monster
UNEN-EN044 Freyja, the Iceveryst Princess Normal Rare Effect Fusion Monster
UNEN-EN045 Frigg, the Iceveryst Goddess Rare Effect Fusion Monster
UNEN-EN046 The Yin-Yang Statue Common Link Monster
UNEN-EN047 Cybevol Cyborg - 2st Stage Commo Link Monster
UNEN-EN048 Cybevol Cyborg - Final Stage Normal Rare Link Monster
UNEN-EN049 Powered Five-Infinity Dragon Secret Rare Link Monster
UNEN-EN050 Five-Infinity Dragon Common Link Monster
UNEN-EN051 Nightmare Wyrm Dragon Secret Rare Effect Synchro Monster
UNEN-EN052 Darklord Nurse Simochi Common Effect Xyz Monster
UNEN-EN053 Iceveryst Fusion Common Normal Spell Card
UNEN-EN054 Freezing Fusion Common Quick-Play Spell Card
UNEN-EN055 Cybevol Evolphosis Rare Normal Spell Card
UNEN-EN056 Cybevol Cocoonphosis Common Quick-Play Spell Card
UNEN-EN057 Steelswarm Gate Common Field Spell Card
UNEN-EN058 Female Death Summon Common Quick-Play Spell Card
UNEN-EN059 LV Space Hole Common Normal Spell Card
UNEN-EN060 Scrap Explosion Common Quick-Play Spell Card
UNEN-EN061 Darkness Reborn Common Normal Spell Card
UNEN-EN062 Jinzo Brain Armor Rare Equip Spell Card
UNEN-EN063 Swamp Ritual Common Ritual Spell Card
UNEN-EN064 Swamp Summon Common Normal Spell Card
UNEN-EN065 Terrorking Darkness Call Common Quick-Play Spell Card
UNEN-EN066 The Forgotten Graveyard Common Field Spell Card
UNEN-EN067 Fallen Paradise Reborn Common Continuous Spell Card
UNEN-EN068 Steelswarm Gate Shield Common Continuous Trap Card
UNEN-EN069 D.D. Mirror Force Rare Counter Trap Card
UNEN-EN070 Nekroz Medal Common Normal Trap Card
UNEN-EN071 Qliphort Upgrated Scout Common Continuous Trap Card
UNEN-EN072 The Cursed Excalibur Normal Rare Normal Trap Card
UNEN-EN073 Shaddoll Copycat Common Continuous Trap Card
UNEN-EN074 Lightsworn Blessing Common Normal Trap Card
UNEN-EN075 Friend Curse Common Normal Trap Card
UNEN-EN076 Amorphage Replication Common Normal Trap Card
UNEN-EN077 Amorphage Dracopain Common Continuous Trap Card
UNEN-EN078 Pot of Different Cursed Dimension Common Counter Trap Card
UNEN-EN079 The Forgotten Energy Normal Rare Continuous Trap Card
UNEN-EN080 Fallen Paradise Draw Common Continuous Trap Card
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