A swarm of awesome power is gathering for battle...growing stronger with every card drawn from your Deck. Now you can command the power of the hive with this powerful deck and conquer the Duel with the Unstoppable Swarm Structure Deck, armed with fearsome Insect-Type monsters, including the all-new vicious Chainsaw Mantis. Each Deck has 40 cards with 6 brand new Cards, rulebook, a cutomized Duelling Mat, and Dueling guide which assists a Duelist in taking his game to the next level.

Spoiler Card List

SDUS-EN001 Chainsaw Mantis (Ultra Rare)

SDUS-EN002 Cardroach

SDUS-EN003 War Beetle Rider

SDUS-EN004 Hunter Owl

SDUS-EN005 Silent Strider

SDUS-EN006 Saber Beetle

SDUS-EN007 Anti-Aircraft Flower× 2

SDUS-EN008 Muka Muka× 2

SDUS-EN009 Gigaplant

SDUS-EN010 Vortex Trooper

SDUS-EN011 Enraged Muka Muka

SDUS-EN012 Prime Material Dragon

SDUS-EN013 Gokipon× 3

SDUS-EN014 Swarm Reincarnation

SDUS-EN015 Testament of Greed

SDUS-EN016 Insect Imitation × 2

SDUS-EN017 Nobleman of Crossout

SDUS-EN018 Burden of the Mighty

SDUS-EN019 Pot of Avarice× 2

SSRV-EN020 Big Bang Shot

SDUS-EN021 Mystical Space Typhoon

SDUS-EN022 Lighting Vortex

SDUS-EN023 Premature Burial

SDUS-EN024 Infested Trap Hole

SDUS-EN025 Dark Bribe

SDUS-EN026 Chaos Burst

SDUS-EN027 Sakuretsu Armor

SDUSV-EN028 Jar of Greed

SDUS-EN029 DNA Surgery

SDUS-EN030 Magic Jammer

SDUS-EN031 Good Goblin Housekeeping× 2

Dueling Guide


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