Usagi Jinguji is a character appearing in Rocket Knight 777's Zexal Fanfiction universe. She is Mamoru Jinguji's cousin, and vice president of Heartland Academy's student council.


Mamoru and Usagi are both sticklers for the Heartland Academy school rules and make sure the other students follow them. They are both under the effects of Barian's Force card when Gilag takes control of the student council. Though the idea for the Special Disciplinary Commander was Mamoru's, making Caswell it was the Usagi's. When Mamoru suggests the Duel with Yuma to eliminate the position of Special Disciplinary Commander, Norman Brody, also a class rep, volunteers to duel in Yuma's place as he also disagrees with these new strict policies, and suspects Mamoru of being up to something suspicious. Usagi then suggests a tag duel with her and her cousin on one side and Yuma and Norman on the other, with Caswell on the other. Though some of the monsters she summoned violated at least 1 of the school rules, she used her charm and good looking to throw Caswell off his game and slide past with violation.


Usagi's deck uses monsters based around the various stereotypes found in your average high school, with the exception of Space-Time Police, who represents school security, and Hysteric Fairy, who represent a teacher or principal.

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