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  • I live in U.S.A
  • I am Female

Smoothmilk :3

Hi! ^^ My Name is Smoothmilk, I am a female and I hope to make friends and look at some awesome cards! :D Meep

To Do List

  1. Finsh My character page ^^
  2. Make more cards ^^
  3. Need a bit of help on a new archetypes. :D

My Sandbox, in which I keep my ideas.

Drawing pictures for cards :3


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Thank You Page

This my Thank page. :D Here i thank some awesome people for helping me with my card.[Number 38; Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Prime Dragon]

NovaTsukimori- I would like to thank him for pointing out some flaws on my card, like it's ATK power and XYZ Units. I made the card mainly for a fanfic of mine and in my Main character's deck, she doesnt have too many level 8 monsters, thats why I left the ATK, but changed 'Overlay units" to "XYZ Units". ^^ And also the Japanese, of 'Anicent Gear" Thank you very much ^^

LionHeartKing- I would like to thank him for making me a better effect on my card. Even though he liked the concept of created a boss XYZ for Ancient gears, he had a agreement with Nova about the ATK power. But, I love the changes he did. Thank you. ^^ I usally help my own friend for effects on her cards, but that was AWESOME! ;3 I bow down to the LIonHeartKing! XD

Meep and Hugs! :D

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