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Excel Monsters

An Excel Monster is a new type of Monster Card that is colored dark brown. They are stored in the Extra Deck.

Instead of a Level, Excel Monsters have a Class. This Class determines the required Levels of the Excel Material Monsters needed in order to summon your desired Excel Monster. An Excel Monster's Class is depicted by a row of red stars in black orbs (as opposed to the yellow stars in red orbs of a monster's Level) that extend outwards from the left-hand side of the card (opposite to where a monster's Level would be depicted), similar to Dark Synchro Monsters.

An Excel Monster's Class is also not its Level.

here are the Class Level: 2-3* D 4*Class C 5-6* Class B 7-9*Class A 10-11* Class S 12* Class X

An Excel Summon is the same as Synchro Summon.By adding the level of the Excel Material Monsters to summon an Excel Monster.

like this... "1 Level 4 monster + 1 Level 3 Monster".

this is only a prototype...

Sample excel

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