About Me
  • I'm a student. This means that my life revolves around Yu-Gi-Oh homework. It's an unfortunate fate, I know.
  • I'm a guy. This means that my inbox should be devoid of strange and perverted messages from male community members. 0_0
  • This is basically a place where I let out the feminine side of me make a whole bunch of cards for no apparent reason.
  • Check out my alternate account Randomize21 and my Yu-Gi-Oh Wikia page.

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About My Page

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Duel Profile

favorite archetypes: Lightsworns, Chaos, Fabled, Anti-Meta, Spirit Monsters
favorite real cards: Judgment Dragon, Fabled Dianaira, Super-Nimble Mega Hamster, Marshmallon, Macro Cosmos
favorite created cards: Rydæven, Master of Mechanical Destruction, Hand Havoc Virus
card crushes (om nom nom): Athena, Chaos Goddess, Izanami, Spellbreaker of the Ice Barrier
least favorite cards: Dark Armed Dragon, Last Turn

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pictures and card art

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