Yu-Gi-Oh! Remix is my very first fanfic. I started posting it since 26th July 2008, and I'll posted episode by episode once a week if I am not busy. Please put your comments and advices in this article's talk page, in my talk page, or in each episode's discussion page. If you find an error link(s), please tell me.


The story is based on the original Yu-Gi-Oh! story, like Battle City. But later on I'll also put some of the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX story.


The characters in my story, most of them, are based on the original characters made by Kazuki Takahashi. Even my original characters, such as me and my friends, are based on his characters. I changed them to match the plot of the story which doesn't exist in the original story.


Most of the cards in my story exist as real cards. But sometime, the real cards can't match the Duels I make. So I make a cards that can match the plot of the Duels, but also not Broken. My cards in New Heroes Emerge!! are made for my story. Also, I do my best to follow the real rules of the game, such as the banlist. But again, sometime only the Forbidden Cards that can match into the plot of the Duels.


9 episodes, or in my story also called "turns", have been released for this story.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Remix Episode Guide
Turn 001 It all began here... July 26, 2008
Turn 002 The tournament's announced August 7, 2008
Turn 003 "Battle City" begins!! August 11, 2008
Turn 004 Stall Deck!! The Final Countdown!! pt. 1 August 16, 2008
Turn 005 Stall Deck!! The Final Countdown!! pt. 2 August 23, 2008
Turn 006 Cyber Dragons pt. 1 August 30, 2008
Turn 007 Cyber Dragons pt. 2 September 6, 2008
Turn 008 Fear of the God pt. 1 September 13, 2008
Turn 009 Fear of the God pt. 2 September 20, 2008
Turn 010 The Spirits September 27, 2008
Turn 011 Tag Duel!! October 4, 2008
Turn 012 The True Unity pt. 1 October 11, 2008
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