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My Monster Attack Names

  • Evil Hero Evil King: Evil Royal Slash
  • Evil Hero Dark Warrior: Wild Darkness Slash
  • Super Soldier: Elemental Slash of Destruction
  • Dark Dragon: Dark Magic Flare
  • Dark Magician Dragon: Dark Flare Storm
  • Elemental Hero Flying Thunder: Sky Static Thunder
  • Elemental Hero Super Thunderman: Voltic Static
  • Elemental Hero Flare Knight: Fire Sword of Flames
  • Elemental Hero Solar Flare Knight: Fire Sword of Light
  • Elemental Hero Dark Flare Knight: Fire Sword of Dark
  • Elemental Hero Chaos Flare Knight: Fire Sword of Destruction
  • Elemental Hero Silver Wing: Wing Flap Attack
  • Ancient Warrior: Ancient Slash
  • Poisonous Beast: Poisonous Bite Attack
  • Ancient Spider: Poison Squirt
  • Blue-Eyes Phoenix Dragon: Fire Breath
  • Blue-Eyes Twin Dragon and Blue-Eyes Ultimate Phoemix Dragon: Flaming Neutron Blast
  • Elemental Hero Thunder Knight and Evil Hero Wild Lightning: Lightning Blade Slash or Wild Lightning Blast

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Jamie Yutori uses a deck mainly surrounding in Hybrid Monsters.

Chaos Duellist Arc

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