KendoSword's User Page

(KendoSword is a female.)

Hi! I'm KendoSword, and I just joined recently. (I'd prefer to be called Kendo, but the site won't allow that username. Was it taken...?) My favorite deck is my Legendary Ocean deck, and I don't have a favorite card. But obviously, my favorite attribute is Water.

KendoSword's Legendary Ocean Deck

I can't post the deck card-for-card right now. Maybe next week. But it includes Legendary Ocean (obviously), Tornado Wall, the two Levia-Dragons, Fairy King Truesdale, Gagagigo, Giga Gagagigo, and a few Yomi Ships.

I'd really like to add some of my own made-up cards to the deck, like Apocalyptal Squid, and even Mussel Revenge.

Well, I can't think of anything else to say.

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