aka Billy

  • I live in Jamaica
  • I was born on April 23
  • My occupation is Student/ Auto Technican
  • I am Macho


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To Do List.

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My Sandbox, in which I keep my ideas.

Projects I'm Working On

The project i will be focus on is support for old archetypes, this will give ideas of the archetype weakness n what it lack some of these cards my have the same image has the previous version but different effects n type. Also    i being researching on specific archetype n  searching the web(manga) for image(if there a problem with the searching of card using web/manga let me know). 


  • aim is to create cards that seem to be interesting and also can contribute in the real event of yugioh world, the cards can be support and idea for a specific archetype, also  i will create new archetype/decks. 
  • due to my daily job i may not be here as often, so i add to my profile when i had a chance..

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