Brief Introduction

ok I'm NickTheGreekLover (previously Nick13Argos), a Greek wikia contributor. I make Yugioh cards whenever my brain works :D

Current to do list

1. Make cards based on sets (e.g. Tour Guide)

2. Fix red links

3. Improve this.

4. Fix some effects.

5. Add some characters.

6. Make more Yuma's cards.

7. Fix some "ugly" pages

Catchphrase of the universe

I activate Prank-Up-Magic Troll's Force. This card increases the trollability of a monster by 1 and becomes a Prank Xyz.

I activate the Equip Spell Card Justin Bieber. This increases my monster's gayness by 500.

Friends/ Helpful guyz

1. Y-Tak (strict but righteous)

2. CK (best user page in the history of the wiki)

3. TG (did this (completed)) and I helped him with his small sets)

4. Nta (made a lot of archetypes + first user besides me who joins the club

My Yugicard List

Rares 'n' Holos

Epic Moments of my YCM life

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