My Archetypes

  • Thunder-Type "B." - A collaborative archetype between myself and The Pandaman. They consist mainly of Thunder-Type monsters that resemble somewhat mechanical Bees. They focus of using Honey Counters to control the field and gain advantage.
  • Viral - They resemble seemingly peaceful people, but their natural, animalistic tendencies and physical features can make them rather aggressive. An archetype that focuses on battling Warrior-Type monsters with their "Viral Mechs".
  • Slash - An archetype of FIRE Reptile-Type monster that focus on Synchro Summoning their ace card, Varanus, the Slash Sovereign to OTK the opponent.
  • Plant Dragons - A collaboration between myself and The Pandaman. This group of monsters are both Dragon-Types and Plant-Types. This group of cards also has various sub-archetypes, e.g. Poppies and Red Lotuses.
  • Faustian - A Spellcaster-Type archetype that focuses on swarm and controlling the field with Ritual Monsters.
  • Cyber Heroes - A HERO archetype compatible with existing HERO support. They consist of LIGHT and DARK monsters for varying Types (mainly Machine, Thunder and Warrior). Their focus is on changing card names and benefiting from the changes to swarm and Synchro Summon.
  • Emissaries of the Wicked - A support archetype for the The Wicked Gods.
  • Hydroelectric - An archetype of WATER Thunder-Type monsters that focus on Synchro Summoning, drawing cards and Special Summoning.
  • Livewire - An archetype based on Livewire Dragon, his support and his retrained forms. The theme is Special Summoning.
  • Striking Thunder - An archetype that expands on the Sacred Beast, Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder.
  • Pirate - A mostly WATER Warrior-Type archetype that focuses on returning cards to the owner's hands to hinder the opponent and if used correctly, to benefit the user.
  • Batterywomen - A sub-archetype of the Batterymen archtype. They do not resemble any real life batteries, just female "cosplayers" wearing battery-esque armour. They focus on control effects.
  • The Triad - Based on the Triad of Memphis. A series of Egyptian Gods, their Fusion and their support.
  • Raito - An archetype based on "Machine Emperor Raito Infinity". They are a Machine-Type archtype that resemble various body parts and work together as one.
  • Velocity - An archetype that focuses on WIND Warrior-Type monsters and Synchro Summoning. In addition, they have some relevance to Turbo Dueling.
  • Mythical Beasts - A LIGHT Spellcaster-Type Archetype that focuses on rapid generation of Spell Counters and Synchro Summons.
  • Gaia Knights - A DARK and EARTH archetype based on Gaia the Fierce Knight and his support. They use swarm tactics alongside drawing and discarding effects.
  • Lab - A Psychic-Type archetype of varying Attributes based on the Lab Monkies archetype by The Pandaman. They focus on stalling, Attribute manipulation and Chains.
  • Artifacts - A Dark Synchro archetype that consists of EARTH monsters of varying types that are all treated as Fiend-Type monsters.
  • Armourman and the Voltechs - A Thunder-Type archetype that focuses on ATK increase.
  • Vulcanauts - A collaboration between myself and The Pandaman.
  • Rare Metals - A rival archetype to The Pandaman's Heavy Metal series. They focus on Fusions, Synchros and Spell Cards.
  • Divine Light - A Thunder-Type archetype that focuses on Ritual Monsters.
  • Deities of the Searing - An archetype that features retrained versions of the Sky Scourges.
  • Emissaries of Darkness - An archetype that focuses on Battle Phase manipulation and Tokens.

My User Card: Rai-Buru-To!

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