Shoyro's my name, pleased to meet you

I was inspired to make my own cards after seeing some of the others already on here. Note: I dont tend to make the pics for the cards since I have trouble with trying to access the site so they'll be few and far between. booster sets:

Hidden Valor: I know that there's not many support cards for most of the Made up Types here, so I came up with this set for that main reason, that and to throw in a new effect type I named "Dual" Basically, a Dual Monster is treated as TWO monster types when it is face up on the field. this kind of monster effect was created to "bridge" two types so they work together. It also introduces the Horror and Nord monster types.

Chaotic Demise: My second booster pack that I started, this set involves something that's possibly unique; anyone may add their own card to the list. the cards I made for the set focuses more on the Horror-type monsters and The Satanist monsters

Synchro Genocide: This is the first set to focus on Archtypes based on the Attributes this set focuses on the "Incarnate"monsters mainly, as they represent the DARK attribute

Shining Grasp: this set introduces and primarily focuses on the "Zealot" monsters, which represent the LIGHT attribute.

Cry of the Storm: Introduces the Archtypes for The WIND and EARTH attributes; The "Aeros" and the "Grav" monsters.

Burning Stream: This set has the Archtypes for the WATER and FIRE attributes the "Cinders" and "Hydrons" also this set makes "Kuriboh" into an archtype.

Harmonic Fury: newest set. under construction

Elemental Genesis: Set that focuses on new Elemental Hero Fusions.

Projects I'm involved in Project Kuri The Evil

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