Hello, my name is silentshadow4. I have been making imaginative cards for a long time (since the Destiny Heroes came out), but I was unable to make them officially fan cards. Since I found this site, I've been having a blast on creating my cards into the open! Have fun with what I create and with what I do. Please comment on my actions as well as my cards.


  • Forgotten Heroes - Although the Elemental Heroes are strong and the Destiny Heroes are dedicated, they may be unprepared with what is about to arrive. Foreseeing this action, past heroes have reawakened their spirits within a new force to aid these heroes. Awaken the force of the "Septerra League"!
  • General's Past - Water, known within the "Septerra League" as "The General". How has he received this title? Nobody knows how or why except him, Fire, and Lightning. Now, the truth has been revealed about his title. The history on why he is dubbed the name "The General"...
  • Foreseen Revolution - As the world ages, technology grows. Everything in our world is becoming more advanced. Our lives are interwoven with the interactions of computer intelligence. But what if these AI units learned too much of what we do? Will they go against our commands and conduct a war with mankind? A new era is soon to begin! The age of machines approaches with every passing moment. The Mech Revolution will tear our lives apart!
  • The Magician's Creation - Long ago, a great master saw it necessary to seal away his magic upon a set of cards to bring balance upon the world. His two other creations vowed to protect those cards with their lives if needed. One sealed his form into a book and locked it away with the cards while the other faded into the human world, ensuring that nobody finds it. Now, a new order has brought upon the needed of this ancient magic. The guardians have chosen you to be the cards' next wielder, in place with its current heir. Break the seal that once held great wisdom and use it to restore balance like the master before you has done.
  • Apostles of the Innocence - The Millennium Earl and the Clan of Noah are on the move! Gather the remaining Exorcists and fight against the darkness that they plan to enshroud the world with.
  • Last Reality - Only because of their own desires with the world will they stand together, despite the differences they have had in the past. AVALANCHE teams up with enemies to defend their world from the unknown existence.

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  • These Septerra Heroes are copyrighted, both by Wikipedia and legally. I, the copyright holder of these Septerra Heroes, allow no one to use it for any purpose outside of this fan-based site.
  • The Incarnation League is also copyrighted. Use of them outside this fan-based site without my permission is prohibited (please).
  • The Clow Cards are copyrighted by CLAMP's manga "Cardcaptor Sakura". Pictures shown on the cards (when I get them up) will either be their property, property of those who released it in America, or those that drew the cards. I do not take credit for any of the drawings, artworks, etc.
  • The pictures for the D. Gray Man Cards (called "The Exorcists" and "Descendants of Noah" here) were either official images found online or snapshots cropped from the show. In any case, I do not take credit for the design or images. I would also like to apologize if some of the pictures do not look too great. They were the best I could possibly find/gather. If you think you have or can get a better picture, feel free to notify me.

Personally Made Cards

Septerra Heroes

Mech Revolution

Mech Cards

Monster Cards

Assault Team - Scout Team - Flash Bomb - Scatter Bomb - Blaster - Ambassador - Cannon - Commander - Knight - Turret

Assassin - Scope - Guardian - Royal Guard

Royal Sergeant - Innova, Queen of the Mech - Revolu, King of the Mech

Spell Cards

Mech Self-Destruct

Assembly Line - Mech Factory - Recycle and Reload

Mech Decoy - Mech Reign Storm - Scrap Yard

Trap Cards

Intercepted Signals

Limiter Attachment - Corrupted Network - Disassembly Line

Hidden Mech Explosive - Mechanical Upgrade - Wireless Mech Network

Clow Cards

Clow Cards

Clow Support - Monsters

Sakura - Li - Tomoyo - Cerberus - True Cerberus - Yue - Clow Reed

Clow Support - Spells

The Book of Clow

Clow Cards - Monsters

Windy - Shadow - Wood - Thunder - Power - Shot - Fight - Earthy - Watery - Snow - Song - Sand - Bubbles - Flower - Mirror - Return - Time - Firey - Maze - Illusion - Dash - Fly - Shield

Clow Cards - Spells

Cloud - Float - Loop - Wave

Sword - Through - Little - Big


Dream - Glow - Lock - Move

Rain - Sleep - Sweet - Voice - Light - Storm - Libra

Clow Cards - Traps

Erase - Change

Twin - Mist - Silent

Dark - Arrow - Freeze - Jump



Final Fantasy VII

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Other Cards

Sets in Construction

  • Clan of Noah (D. Gray Man)
  • Red-Blade
  • Infection

External Note

  • I use to be a huge "Cardcaptors" fan (and still somewhat am). I created these yu-gi-oh card versions for those that also share my passion for this great series/manga. Please do not kill me for what I have done if it displeases you...
  • I'm a big "D. Gray Man" fan. Creating these yu-gi-oh card versions of them actually was fun and entertaining. As stated with the note above for the "Cardcaptor" cards, please do not kill me for what I have done if it displeases you...
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