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Salutations, everyone.

I'm just your average everyday Yu-Gi-Oh! junkie with a really creative mind. I first remember joining this particular Wiki back in June of 2009 (at least that's what it says on my account). I can't remember if I was mature for my age back then (maybe not), but at least I knew better than to subject to copyright infringement by making Pokémon-based cards. I was formerly known as Psychid45, but recently changed it to The-Psychid, because I honestly think it sounds a lot better.

I've created some pretty spiffy archetypes, and also some new Monster Card types, both of which you can see below. Hope you enjoy them, everyone!

Stuff I've Created


Monster Card Types


Main article: User:The-Psychid/Sandbox

I never really used my Sandbox when I first started the Wiki; but with me wanting to make a Wiki dedicated to a fan fiction I hope to get right on writing next spring, might as well make one!