Im a Yu-Gi-Oh! fan. I have many card ideas and archetypes. I give my best to do my drawings, I know I'm not an artist, but I try and more one thing I'm slow to make my drawings. I create the cards during the weekend or holidays and drawing during the school days.

My Archetypes/Series

Archetype Type Attribute Duelist(s) Focus
Criator Many Many Nolan Lamask Normal Monsters / Fusion Monsters
Magnificent World Spell Cards N/A Nolan Lamask Support to Criator and Creator's Divinity
The Dreamy Girl (Criator's Cousin) Many Many Camilla Lamask Support to Criator / Fusion Monsters
Dark Orchestra Fiend DARK Rodrigo Graywood Deck Destruction / Xyz Monsters / Dark Music Counter
Elemental Draco / Elemental DracoKing Dragon Many Thomas Knox Tribute monsters / Synchro Monsters
Nighterror (Frightmare) Fiend DARK Yami Nick Gain LP / Trap Cards /

Receive Damage

Infinight Beast-Warrior / Machine DARK Niel Fox Field Spell Cards / Banish
Old Blessing Fairy LIGHT Jack Darkstorm Spell Cards / Instant Win
Fantasy-Eyes / Childream Many Many Megulene Dandelion
Candy Racer Fairy / Gemini Many Billy Docetoff Gemini Monsters / Synchro Monsters
Elementary Guardian Many Many Roldenn Bluewood Attribute / Ritual Monsters
Creator's Divinity Spellcaster LIGHT / DARK Norman Yanko / Crazie Yanko / Smartie Yanko Ritual Monsters / Fusion Monsters / High Level Monsters / Beatdown
Mercadia Spellcaster / Warrior Many Samir Riobeat Gain LP / Pay LP / Debt Counters
Plush Mage Fairy / Spellcaster Many Rich Bertuch Fusion Monsters
Phantom Pirate Aqua WATER Ruan Geko Pendulum Monsters / Normal Monsters
Chibibi Many Many Nolan Lamask (Once time) One Turn Kill (OTK)
Slash Draw DARK Warrior N/A Spell Cards / Burn / Slash Draw
C.M.T. DARK Psychic N/A Link Monsters

About me

I'm a shy person (That kind of person who stays in the back of the classroom listening to music and drawing with no one around (T_T).) I'm not very good at talking. But I accept it the way I am.

My "Friends" say that I am very creative (Because of this my nickname is The Criator) and that my drawings are very good (I do not think they are good).

My Cards and my favorite Cards

My Boosters



N° of


Nightmare Orchestra NIOR 80 DARK monsters
Divinities of Greece DIGR 80 High Level Monsters
Royals Dragons RODR 80 Dragon monsters
Magical Sellers MASE 80 MagiMerchant


Check me in the DevianArt 'cus i gonna post some comics, my OCs, concept arts and the Artworks of my cards (Without background)! =D

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