Hi, I'm UDK. I have not yet made any but one cards, but I will.

Underworld Kitten - Card I made.

Hello. This is Elemental Azza Kid from YCM and I would like to know if I could help with your packs. I can make good covers. Just PM me or reply to this. --AARONmeister 14:57, 17 August 2009 (UTC)

hi i am also a member of YCM i would be willing to help and brilliant website by the way :)

Hey Hey Hey! its me.Nick the king of games. I want to help make your "Ultimate Chaos" deck. What cards do you want? I'll make some new cards for your deck on the YCM (even though im not a member..... yet). Do you want DARK monsters? I'm pretty sure you do judging by "Underworld Kitten's" name. Please reply to Nick the king of games.

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