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Ultimate Dragon Knight

I, Ultimate Dragon Knight, am a bureaucrat on this wiki, and have discontinued the majority of my duties to this community to focus on my future and work on detailing my future video game. I plan on having a script/idea book finished when I graduate high school to present to various top name companies to get hired on as an intern or such.

You can easily reach me if there is for some reason a need to talk to me at .

Visit my Sandbox and 2nd Sandbox to see what big things you could work on/tinker with.


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To Do List for All (I'd Like to Thank Dmaster for teh majority of the list)

  1. Reference for what type can be replaced by what real type
  2. Make every link in Template:Gameplay
  3. Categorize everything. Make sure to make category trees.
  4. Demon, Angel, Soldier, and Undead = Fiend, Fairy, Warrior, and Zombie.
  5. Death = Doom, Destruction, or Des
  6. Hell = Inferno, etc.
  7. Demon, Deamon = Archfiend
  8. Devil ... = not Archfiend but another "evil/dark" name like "Doomfire" (Volcun Devil = Volcanic Doomfire)
  9. Description should have "Show/Hide" function
  10. Should be noted that images should, in my opinion, work like the following: If a card does not have an image, someone can make a card "outline" (everything but the cards "picture"). The real image should be discussed with creator (if the description box is filled.) If a card displays graphic violence, nudity, drug reference, the images should be removed a.s.a.p.
  11. Deckmaster effect, Synchro chants, references, etc. should placed if the trivia section or in the appearance if they are in a fanfic. (This is a TCG/OCG card site. See Nature vs. Nurture
  12. For now we should not make new types, only archetypes.
  13. I think we should have forums to debate the pages of some cards. If a card is too powerful in one person's view others should be able to debate flaws with the creator.
  14. Cards should not be based off of other media, at least not directly. My ExTerminator IS based of the Terminator movies. It has the ability to "terminate" and shape-shift. But the name is different and I give credit to the original makers of the Terminator franchise. But Mario and the various Pokémon cards should be ended.
  15. . We need a revised version of this.
  16. . Update this
  17. . Edit Virus Cards and change them to Traps and/or Spells


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