The Urzathegoalie FAQ:

Fan of Yugi - Machine card nut

Transformers addict

Hockey Fan - Go Leafs Go!

Cards Not Fitting A Theme:

Bard of the Harpies

Carpe Diem - Catch Of The Day! First card I made on the site.

Cosmic Fish

Chip Brain

Counter Alchemy

Farm League

Flute Bird

Goal By The Goaltender

Harp Bird

Holy Mackinaw, What A Save!

Immune Warrior

Inhibit Limiter

Kozaky's OS

Linknode Boost

Linknode Burn

Linknode Head

List Traversal

LV Nest

Machine Viceroy

Orchestra Flock

Option Viper

Pull The Goalie!

Reversal Of Physics

Rink Zamboni

Rookie Defenseman

Rookie Forward

Rookie Goaltender

Sentient Server

Song Bird LV1

Song Bird LV3

Song Bird LV5

Song Bird LV7


Transcended Machine King

Thirsty Beverage


Upgrade Path

Value Meal

Virtual Machine

Virtual Machine/Assault Mode

Voracious Fries

World Defender

World Defender/Assault Mode

Aquarium Monsters:

Not to many fish type monsters in the game, so I thought about why not make a series of fish-type and other aqua types that involve life in an Aquarium.

Aquarium 4-Eyed Fish

Aquarium Amano Shrimp

Aquarium Castle

Aquarium Fighting Fish

Aquarium Pufferfish

Beautiful Aquarium

Cause and Effect

Playing around with the idea of cause and effect with the space time continuum

Cause Caster


Result Caster


Targetmaster Monsters:

As an addict of transformers, I had to base a theme of monsters around one of the gimmicks. I chose targetmaster. Here are the cards's that I've made that relate to the Targetmaster theme.

Ancient Gear Targetmaster

Antiquity Targetmaster

Blaze Targetmaster

Blinding Targetmaster

D.D. Targetmaster

Division Targetmaster

Double Wield

Duo Targetmaster

Gemini Targetmaster

Gust Targetmaster

Man Eater Targetmaster

NextGen Gradius

Null Targetmaster

Perfectly Still Targetmaster

Situational Weaponry

Spell Targetmaster

Squall Targetmaster

Stillness Targetmaster

Trap Targetmaster

Tri-Blaze Targetmaster

Trooper Gunner

Wave Targetmaster

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