"V-Xyz" an abbreviation of "Variant-Xyz", abbreviated "V-X" Barianto Ekushīzu), is an Archetype of monsters that can be Xyz Summoned by Chaos Xyz Evolution, with the effect of "Rank-Up-Magic Variant Force". They have been used by Rodesa, a member of the Barians, in order to upgrade various Xyz Monsters. These monsters are created through the elemental power of DARK to transform Xyz Monsters into that Attribute.

Xyz Materials attached to "V-Xyz" monsters appear to be green crystals attached to the "V-Xyz" monster in question, and are referred to as "Alternate Overlay Units". Like monsters that can utilize Chaos Xyz Evolution, these monsters require an additional Xyz Material but with 1 higher Level in a regular Xyz Summon, since they themselves are 1 Rank higher than their respective original counterparts.

All "V-Xyz" monsters are depicted as being darker evolutions of their previous forms with a red, hellish landscape in the background, presumably the Barian World. Plus, all "V-Xyz" monsters are DARK, with a much more savage and monstrous appearance to them. In juxtaposition to the "CXyzs'" glowing red lines, the "V-Xyzs" have purple lines, as well as glowing green crystals on a part of their body that they use as Xyz Materials. These crystals lose their glow and shatter when the Xyz Materials are used, but can grow new ones if new Xyz Materials are attached.

Due to their connection to the Barian World, "V-Xyzs" possess anti-Xyz Monster and anti-Special Summoning capabilities, reflecting their owner's preferences to combating enemy "Numbers", allowing them to be ideal for hunting down such cards.

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