Valkyrian is an Archetype created by kyledude788; consist of Cyberse monsters. They were used by Ten, the main protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! ARMADA. Their designs are a mix of Valkyries and Magical Girls like Sailor Moon and Magic Knight Rayearth.


Valkyrian relies on Special Summoning on the field under any conditions, which makes it easy to Link Summon.

However, Valkyrian's main theme is gaining effects when a certain Attribute is present on the field, similar to the "Element" archetype. But unlike the "Element" archetype where they only gain effects on the field, Valkyrian can also gain effects whenever it's in hand or Graveyard.

For Valkyrian LINK monsters, they gain effects by the number of monsters that they linked to plus, they can unlock a special effect when co-linked.


Valkyrians are magical warriors consists of females in their early adulthood. Each Valkyrians have different animal-theme as their armor and different types of weapons and objects they wield.


Main Deck

Main Monsters

Valkyrian Origin Objects
Bear Lady Brown Bear Five-Fingered Claw (on left hand), Viking Axe
Cheetah Lady Cheetah ???
Crane Lady Crane ???
Crow Lady Crow ???
Cow Lady Cow ???
Dolphin Lady Dolphin ???
Eagle Lady Eagle Longbow
Falcon Lady Falcon Qiang Spear
Frog Lady Frog Glock-19 w/ Silencer and Laser Sight, Military Dagger
Gorilla Lady Gorilla ???
Hawk Lady Hawk ???
Leopard Lady Leopard Double-Edge Sword
Lion Lady Lion Claymore
Owl Lady Owl ???
Panther Lady Black Panther Finger Claws
Rhino Lady Rhinoceros Single Edge Heavy Sword
Salamanda Lady Salamander Flamethrower, Molotov
Shark Lady Shark Twin Machetes
Sheep Lady Sheep ???
Swordfish Lady Swordfish ???
Tortoise Lady Tortoise Round Shield, Baseball Bat, Baseball
Wolf Lady Wolf Three Kukri Daggers

Ritual Monsters

Valkyrian Origin Objects
Byakko Lady White Tiger ???
Genbu Lady Black Tortoise ???
Seiryuu Lady Azure Dragon ???
Suzaku Lady Vermillion Bird ???

Extra Deck

Link Monsters

Valkyrian Origin Objects
Boar Lady Boar ???
Bunny Lady Rabbit Gauntlets, Greaves
Cobra Lady Cobra ???
Dragon Lady Dragon Guandao, Dao Sword
Goat Lady Goat ???
Horse Lady Horse Flagpole Spear, Longtou Dazhadao
Husky Lady Siberian Husky G36 Assault Rifle w/ Night Vision Sight, Dual Magazine, Grip, and Silencer
Monkey Lady Monkey ???
Mouse Lady Mouse ???
Ox Lady Ox Single Edge Great Axe
Rooster Lady Rooster Jian Sword
Tiger Lady Tiger ???

Spell and Traps

Card Type Property
Valkyrian Ambush Trap Card Counter Trap Card
Valkyrian Dress Spell Card Equip Spell Card
Valkyrian Flash Barrier Trap Card Normal Trap Card
Valkyrian Fury Spell Card Quick-Play Spell Card
Valkyrian Gift Spell Card Normal Spell Card
Valkyrian Meeting Spell Card Continuous Spell Card
Valkyrian Palace Spell Card Field Spell Card
Valkyrian Rampage Spell Card Quick-Play Spell Card
Valkyrian Recovery Spell Card Normal Spell Card
Valkyrian Revival Trap Card Normal Trap Card
Valkyrian Ritual Spell Card Ritual Spell Card
Valkyrian Rescue Trap Card Counter Trap Card
Valkyrian Supply Task Spell Card Continuous Spell Card
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