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The Venom Archetype is a family of Reptile Snake like monsters. Interestingly, all Venom monsters are based off from poisonous snake. The Archetype made their debut in Yugioh GX, used by the character Professor Viper. The Venom archetype focuses on consistently distributing Venom counters to the opponent, and using creating negative effects with those distributed Venom Counters.

Originally, the Venom Archetype was a very small. It was unsupported and the distribution of Venom counters was difficult because there are only 4 cards that were able to do that. However, supports were later released, and this Archetype became a fairly strong Archetype in its own right.

Interestingly, like Reptilianne, Worms and Aliens, the Venom archetype rewards the player in skill play rather than swarming. The "Venom Savage" monsters are retrained version of the previous existing Venom monsters.

Playing Style


The Venom archetype focuses on distributing Venom counters onto opponent's monster, and using those Venom counters to their advantage. The Venom counters can be used to weakened opponent's monster or by inflicting damage to the opponent. Therefore, the archetype focused a lot on Field Controlling. Their field spell “Venom Swamp” helps consistently distribute Venom Counter, and weakening the opponent.

The Archetype also focuses on bringing out "Vennominon the King of Poisonous Snakes" or "Vennominaga the Deity of Poisonous Snakes". Therefore, because of this, the archetype also focuses on dumping as much Reptile-Type monsters to the Graveyard. This would power up Vennominaga and Vennominon ATK/DEF.

The deck’s playability is solely depended on their Field Spell “Venom Swamp” and “Venom Den”. Therefore, the player may find it difficult to counter opponent if they did not start with either of the Field Spell. Therefore, Terraforming is a good card to run. All Venom monsters have weak ATK. Therefore, it is wise to run cards such as Scrap Iron Scarecrow, Negate Attack or Ambush Fang.

Recommended Cards (Optional)

Field Control Venom Deck

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Trap Cards
Extra Cards


The main weakness of Venom is that reliance on the field spell: Venom Swamp due to the fact that all Venom monsters have considerably low ATK. Therefore, make sure to pack cards like Field Barrier to protect the field.


  • The "Venom Savage" monsters are all retrained version of previously existed Venom monsters.