The Vice Archetype is a series of monsters used by Senshi Fudo's other personality. This series is comprised of only Dark Tuner Monsters and Dark Synchro Monsters of all six Attributes. Similar to the Warriors, each Vice Dark Synchro Monster (except one) requires either a specific Vice Dark Tuner Monster or a Vice Dark Tuner Monster of a specific Attribute to Summon. The tactic revolves around quickly Summoning monsters with low ATK (as every Vice Dark Tuner has 0 ATK) as well as low Leveled monsters (specifically Level 2) in order to perform fast Dark Synchro Summoning. This series also holds one Synchro Dark Tuner Monster, "Vice Synchron," and one Accel Dark Synchro Monster, "Vice Warrior Lord."

This Archetype is not to be confused with the Vice monsters used by Chizuruotohime's character, Pandora.

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