"Vol. 2 Toon" is an sub-archetype of Toon monsters. The premise of this archetype is that "Toon World" was the first in a series of books (with "Toon Kingdom" being an updated and revised edition of "Toon World"), and that all "Vol. 2 Toon" monsters (along with some generic Toon support Spells and Traps) hail from the second volume in the series, "Toon World Vol. 2: Toon Adventure". While many "Vol. 2 Toon" monsters are unique, others are retrains of older Toon monsters that make apperances in the sequel, representing those monster's character growth and development from one volume to the next.


Unlike Toons from the previous volume, "Vol. 2 Toon" monsters can attack on the turn they are summoned, though the downside of this is that all "Vol. 2 Toons" with more than 500 ATK have an effect that haves all Battle Damage your opponent recieves from them. As a result, while direct attacks are still the primary focus, destroying the opponent's monsters by battle is also big part of the archetype, possably as an adaptation to the existance of Synchro and Xyz Monsters. "Toon World" cards are also still a big part of the archetype, with Main Deck Toons needing it to attack dirctly. "Vol 2 Toon" Fusion, Synchro, and Xyz Monsters can attack directly without a "Toon World" card, but many have effects that can only be activated when a "Toon World" card is on the field. This encouragement to use, and reliance on, "Toon World" cards is a balancing weakness, countering the ability to attack directly on the turn they are summoned with the fact all "Vol. 2 Toon" monsters are destroyed when a "Toon World" card is destroyed.

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