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Voltic HERO is an archetype of LIGHT Warrior monsters used by Kyou Taisuke, Yuji Takeshi's childhood friend in Yu-Gi-Oh! Absolute. They focus on manipulating their Levels and Xyz Summoning. Due to the recent chapters, the Voltic HEROs can perform a loop!


As their focus on Xyz Summoning, the Voltic HEROES have cards that aid them in manipulating Levels and also cards that help them to get out their monsters quickly ("Voltic Signal"). They also tend to focus on a swarming strategy that helps them to Xyz summon at least once per turn. Their effects range from special summoning another "Voltic HERO" monster to destroying cards on the field. Like the other "HERO" Archetypes, Voltic HEROs also have their own field spell, "Power Tower".


Like the Arctic HEROs, the Voltic HEROs were created by their users when they were young.