Voodoo monsters are a pinkish colour and are first featured in EVOLution Through Decades. They are Special Sumoned from your Extra Deck (a Voodoo Summon) by equipping "Voodoo Needles" and one other specific equip card to a opponents monster. Then, you uneqquip the equipped card from the monster and then the Voodoo monster is Voodoo Summoned to your opponents side of the field. Meanwhile, you take control of the monster equipped

Voodoo Monster in the OCG

A Voodoo monster in the OCG.

with the equip cards. Voodoo monsters generally tend to have advanced versions of their equip spell's effect and have round 2500 ATK or DEF.

Effect Example:

Axe of Fools” This card may only be Special Summoned (from the Extra Deck) by a Voodoo Summon. When your opponent activates an equip spell card, you may change its effect to; The equipped monster gains 1250 ATK and DEF and has its effect negated. When you activate that effect, this card loses 500 ATK and DEF.

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