Wind Wind

Wind monsters are often flying monsters, such as the Harpie Ladies, perhaps one of the most famous Wind monsters among the game as well as the anime. This Attribute is greatly under-represented, but the most common type associated with it is the Winged Beast-Type, though Insect, Fairy, and Dragon are not uncommon. Other Wind monsters include Slate Warrior, Whirlwind Prodigy, and Hand of Nephthys. Wind is usually thought of as the opposite of Earth, though there is no direct advantage other than in certain video games.

The Wind monster strategy is difficult to define, and not many players run Wind Decks, though the strategy seems to focus on removing opponent's cards from the field or by bouncing cards back to their hand, and working best with Spell and Trap Cards. This is evident in cards such as Lady Ninja Yae, (which is designed for primarily WIND-Attribute Winged Beast monsters and is featured in Lord of the Storm), and the cards usually seen in a Harpie Lady Deck, like Harpie's Feather Duster. Generally speaking, the option to attack multiple times with a monster in the same Battle Phase is also associated with Wind monsters (such as Chain Thrasher). Taking advantage of this effect, however, is usually rendered somewhat difficult by the low original ATK of most Wind monsters.

Supporting Cards

It is very likely that Wind monsters have the least number of supporting cards of all Attributes. But a few of them include: Flying Kamakiri #1, Bladefly, Silpheed, and Garuda the Wind Spirit. Rising Air Current is a Field Spell Card which increases the ATK of Wind monsters by 500, and Mountain is similar in increasing Winged Beast types' ATKs by 200, as well as that of Dragon and Thunder types.

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