War Wyvern (W・W(ウォー・ワイバーン) Wō Waibān) is an archetype of EARTH Dragon-Type monsters created by Taylor Gorrell. Visually, all War Wyverns resemble mechanized wyverns equipped with weaponry all over their bodies, the Synchro Monsters looking more like actual war machines with dragonic motifs. All of them are named after strategies and concepts seen in military or warfare, with the Synchros being named after groups or classes of military craft as well.

Play Style

War Wyverns play a Synchro Summon-focused game, but unlike all other Archetypes, they focus on utilizing Double Tuning, as all War Wyvern Synchros require 2 Tuner monsters to be Synchro Summoned. To circumvent this, all Main Deck War Wyvern monsters are Tuner monsters, with many of them having the ability to be treated as non-Tuner monsters when used for a Synchro Summon, similar to "Phantom King Hydride". Rather than simply Summon each other, War Wyverns prefer strategy, maneuvering around the opponent's countermeasures to make sure their Synchro Summons go through unimpeded.

Once the Synchro Summons are complete, their Synchro Monsters possess more strength than is typical for their Levels (except at higher Levels), utilizing their firepower to overwhelm the opponent.


  • Similar to the "Battlewasp" archetype's "B・F" abbreviation (from their Japanese name "Bee Force") being analogous to "Blackfeather"'s (the Japanese name of "Blackwing") "BF" abbreviation, the "War Wyvern"s' "W・W" abbreviation is analogous to "WW", the abbreviation of the "White Warrior" archetype, another Synchro Summon archetype that appeared in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds that preferred strategy over speed.
    • Much like the "White Warriors" battled against the "Blackwings", Taylor Gorrell plans to have the "War Wyverns" battle against the "Battlewasp".
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