Wave of Chaos
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
WOCH-EN001 Poseidon's Servant Common Effect Monster
WOCH-EN002 Little Pike Common Effect Monster
WOCH-EN003 Spiritual Fish Super Rare Tuner Monster
WOCH-EN004 Crayfish of Invasion Secret Rare Effect Monster
WOCH-EN005 Ambitious Eel Super Rare Effect Monster
WOCH-EN006 Divine Whale Secret Rare/Ghost Rare Effect Monster
WOCH-EN007 Despair Frog Common Effect Monster
WOCH-EN008 Luck Frog Common Effect Monster
WOCH-EN009 Poisonous Frog Common Effect Monster
WOCH-EN010 Little Dragon of the Ice Barrier Rare Tuner Monster
WOCH-EN011 Sacred Statue of the Ice Barrier Rare Effect Monster
WOCH-EN012 Seer of the Ice Barrier Rare Tuner Monster
WOCH-EN013 Chief of the Ice Barrier Rare Effect Monster
WOCH-EN014 Mind Master of the Ice Barrier Common Effect Monster
WOCH-EN015 Gishki Sea Lion Common Effect Monster
WOCH-EN016 Gishki Diver Rare Effect Monster
WOCH-EN017 Gishki Elf Common Effect Monster
WOCH-EN018 Garland Synchron Common Tuner Monster
WOCH-EN019 Neo-Spacian Oceanic Dolphin Common Effect Monster
WOCH-EN020 Neo-Spacian Fifth Element Common Effect Monster
WOCH-EN021 Legendary Chainsaw Common Tuner Monsters
WOCH-EN022 Chainsaw Warrior Super Rare Effect Monster
WOCH-EN023 Chainsaw Vagrant Common Effect Monster
WOCH-EN024 Chainsaw Paladin Rare Effect Monster
WOCH-EN025 Chainsaw Archfiend Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
WOCH-EN026 Book Soldier Rare Effect Monster
WOCH-EN027 Manga Master Rare Effect Monster
WOCH-EN028 Spirit of the Pot of Duality Rare Effect Monster
WOCH-EN029 Evigishki Spirit Ogress Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare Ritual Monster
WOCH-EN030 Elemental HERO Tsunami Neos Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare Fusion Monster
WOCH-EN031 Ravana, Archfiend of the Ice Barrier Super Rare Synchro Monster
WOCH-EN032 Zeus' Lightning, Dragon of the Ice Barrier Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare Synchro Monster
WOCH-EN033 Chainsaw Fortress Super Rare Synchro Monster
WOCH-EN034 Chainsaw Dragon Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare Synchro Monster
WOCH-EN035 Battle Garland Rare Synchro Monster
WOCH-EN036 Forest of Algae Common Field Spell Card
WOCH-EN037 Aquatic Shamanism Common Quick-Play Spell Card
WOCH-EN038 Draw Wave Common Normal Spell Card
WOCH-EN039 Invasion of Frogs Common Continuous Spell Card
WOCH-EN040 Pyramid of the Ice Barrier Rare Continuous Spell Card
WOCH-EN041 Sacrament of the Ice Barrier Common Normal Spell Card
WOCH-EN042 Gishki Ceremonial Aquamirror Common Ritual Spell Card
WOCH-EN043 Gishki Aquamirror Sigil Common Equip Spell Card
WOCH-EN044 Neos Emergence Super Rare Normal Spell Card
WOCH-EN045 Neo-Spacian Resurrector Common Equip Spell Card
WOCH-EN046 Silver Chainsaw Super Rare Normal Spell Card
WOCH-EN047 Neo-Spacian Resurrector Common Equip Spell Card
WOCH-EN048 Water Whirling Trap Hole Common Normal Trap Card
WOCH-EN049 Castaway's Rescue Common Normal Trap Card
WOCH-EN050 Spiritual Inversion Common Normal Trap Card
WOCH-EN051 Solemn Laws Super Rare Counter Trap Card
WOCH-EN052 Treacherous Revenge Common Counter Trap Card
WOCH-EN053 Spell Circle of the Ice Barrier Common Normal Trap Card
WOCH-EN054 Hexagon of the Ice Barrier Common Continuous Trap Card
WOCH-EN055 Gishki Code of Conduct Rare Normal Trap Card
WOCH-EN056 Contact Exchange Common Normal Trap Card
WOCH-EN057 Neo-Space Magnetic Field Common Continuous Trap Card
WOCH-EN058 Chainsaws Rain Super Rare Normal Trap Card
WOCH-EN059 Missile Launcher Common Normal Trap Card
WOCH-EN060 Imperial Oppression Common Continuous Trap Card
WOCH-EN061 Ashenna, Wolf Queen of the Ice Barrier Secret Rare/Ultimate Rare Exceed Monster
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